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Peer Mentor Program

Mission Statement

The MacMurray College Peer Mentor Program will help new students connect to the campus community; promoting student success through positive relationships, social and emotional support, and student leadership.

The Peer Mentor Program is designed to connect new students to college life upon enrollment at Mac. Studies show that students who make friends, feel connected, and understand where to go for help are students who are more successful and have a better college experience. Additionally, many current students are talented and wish to pursue opportunities which will develop leadership and professional skills. The Peer Mentoring Program offers personal growth opportunities for both new and existing students.

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The Peer Mentor Program is a student-driven program. Peer Mentors who serve one year can take a leadership role as a Peer Leader. The Peer Leader assists with training, works with Peer Mentors, and evaluates the program for continual improvement. Therefore, students are trained in all aspects of the program to include outreach, program implementation, application and interviewing, peer assignments, event planning, counseling skills, the development of people-skills, and skills related to management and organizational leadership. The highest standards of conduct and integrity are expected. The program is certified by the College Reading and Learning Association.

Peer Mentor Program Members