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Withdrawal Process

To withdraw officially and completely from MacMurray College, a student must fill out a withdrawal form (DOC) and contact One-Stop Student Services in the Jenkins Education Center (second floor) or by phone at 217-479-7041.

MacMurray College will hold official transcripts and/or diplomas on students who have not completed the official withdrawal process, including any applicable requirements listed below.

Student Loan Exit Counseling

Students who borrowed Direct federal student loans while enrolled as a student at MacMurray College must complete exit loan counseling.

Students who borrowed Perkins Loan funds while enrolled at MacMurray College must complete an exit interview session. This is in addition to any other exit loan counseling required.

Information on loan repayment can be found at our student loan repayment website. Our office is available to answer any questions regarding this process, loan repayment, deferment, and so forth.

Financial Aid

Students who withdraw mid-semester may also experience a loss in financial aid, pro-rated based upon the length of attendance. Please read the Return of Financial Aid Policy for more information about loss in financial aid.

Student Account Requirements

During the first four weeks of classes, charges for the semester may be pro-rated. After the fourth week, students are charged for 100% of the semester. Visit our Refund Procedures page for more details.

Please contact our office with any questions, concerns, or for assistance with these matters.

Records Requirements

Those students who withdraw officially from the College prior to the last day for dropping courses as recorded in the academic calendar for their program will have the courses removed from their records. Students withdrawing from the College after the drop period but in the withdrawal period will receive Ws instead of letter grades.

The last day to withdraw from a course and the College without academic penalty each semester can be found on the academic calendar for the program in question. Please note that a withdrawal at this point will not reduce your charges. Petitions to withdraw from any or all courses with W grades after this date will be considered only for extenuating circumstances beyond the student's control. Failure to withdraw officially from any or all courses will result in an F being entered on the permanent record and will be included in the computation of the GPA. Further information on adding/dropping courses may obtained by contacting our office.

Transcripts are available by request through Parchment as well as My for current students.

Student Life Requirements

Students residing on campus must complete the proper check-out with Residence Life within 24 hours of withdrawing from the College. Any student who leaves MacMurray College, either through official withdrawal or otherwise, and leaves behind any personal belongings forfeits all rights to have the items returned or picked up. Any personal belongings left behind will be discarded within one week after the student has left. Contact Student Life with any questions.

Leave of Absence

MacMurray College students may apply for a Leave of Absence for up to one year. Students will formally withdraw from the College but will be sent registration materials one semester prior to their scheduled return and will be able to register during priority registration. One-Stop Student Services will determine if students need to reapply on an individual basis. Students who took college coursework elsewhere during the leave of absence are required to provide official transcripts from any other college attended to One-Stop Student Services.

Important Final Information

Withdrawal is not complete or official until all signatures have been obtained and the student has completed all required steps. It is important for students to realize that there are important implications if one registers for classes but then leaves the College without officially withdrawing. These consequences include

  1. receiving failing grades in all courses not officially dropped;
  2. possible forfeit of refunds and/or loss of financial aid;
  3. inability to receive official transcripts from the College.

The College also reserves the right to enforce the withdrawal of any student if, in the judgment of the appropriate administrator or disciplinary body or the Academic Standards Committee, it is in the best interest of the College. The College may take such action without making any charges of misconduct. A student may be dismissed for poor academic work or for conduct that is contrary to College standards. The judgment of the officers of the College is final in such cases.

Academic Probation and Dismissal policies may be found in the academic catalog for the program in question (on-campus programs, online programs).