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The right major matters.

The Nursing Program at MacMurray College is among the few professional training programs in Central Illinois providing baccalaureate nursing education at a college with a strong liberal arts tradition.

Photo of a nursing student working with an instructor.

With more than 30 years of educating nurses, MacMurray is well-known and respected by area medical facilities. Small class sizes and diverse clinical experience all add to the unique MacMurray nursing experience.

MacMurray's program of study leading to a baccalaureate degree in nursing is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, 655 K Street, NW, Suite 750, Washington, DC 20001, 202-887-6791. It is approved by the Illinois Department of Professional and Financial Regulation. Graduates of the program are prepared to take the national examination for licensure as a registered nurse (NCLEX-RN) and are prepared for ongoing graduate study for advanced nursing roles.

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Opportunities for Students

Clinical Experiences

As a nursing major at MacMurray, you'll have the opportunity for approximately 700 hours of clinical experience in scores of hospitals and community health-care agencies in Jacksonville, Springfield, and elsewhere in the region.

Hospitals providing experiences for MacMurray nursing students are Passavant Area Hospital in Jacksonville and Memorial Medical Center and St. John's Hospital in Springfield, or you could have experiences in a variety of community agencies, such as county health departments, home health-care agencies, nursing homes, community health clinics, and alcohol and substance abuse treatment centers.

The Barnum Randall Nursing Technology Center

Photo of nursing students using equipment in a lab.

The Nursing Technology Center, located in the Springer Center for Nursing on the MacMurray campus, has high- and medium-fidelity simulators that give you the opportunity to safely and securely practice the complex and unpredictable critical situations you will meet in your first nursing position.

Through the simulators and the one-on-one teaching of the MacMurray Nursing faculty, you'll receive immediate feedback and essential debriefing after each simulated patient encounter. Typically, you'll simulate such situations several times each semester, so you'll be ready for most situations that come your way at your practicum and as a licensed nurse.

After Graduation

Graduates are prepared to take the national examination for licensure (NCLEX-RN) to become licensed as registered nurses and to enter graduate study for advanced nursing roles.

Our recent graduates have gone into roles as staff nurses in acute care clinical settings, caring for patients in medical-surgical, pediatrics, intensive care, emergency, psychiatric, and maternal-child settings.

In recent years, almost all MacMurray Nursing graduates have found employment by the time they graduate at such places as Memorial Health Systems and St. John's Hospital, both in Springfield, IL; Passavant Area Hospital in Jacksonville, IL; Barnes Children's Hospital in St. Louis, and Saint Louis University Hospital.


Learn more about Nursing courses and how to pursue a major in Nursing through our catalog.


Photo of Jill Parsons

Jill Parsons, Ph.D., RN

Associate Professor of Nursing

"Teaching at MacMurray allows me to connect with the next generation of nurses as well as engage nurses looking to advance their careers by obtaining their BSN. Both faculty and students alike enjoy the small class sizes and the personalized attention."

  • Areas of interest: Dr. Parsons enjoys promoting active learning instructional strategies in the classroom.
  • Ph.D. — Saint Louis University
  • M.S.N. — Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing
  • B.S.N. — Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing
  • Courses taught: Introduction to the Nursing Profession, Pathophysiology and Pharmacology, Evidence Based Nursing Practice, Vulnerable Populations, Nursing Knowledge and Competencies, Health Assessment and Promotion Across the Lifespan, Evidence based Nursing Care
Photo of Karen Bade

Karen Bade MSN, RN-BC

Assistant Professor of Nursing

"As I was completing my MSN, MacMurray gave me the opening to complete my final preceptorship in education. The small class size and the faculty's approach to education drew me to become a part of the Mac Family. The liberal arts college gives the student the ability to become a well-rounded individual which is needed when caring for the diverse population in the hospital and healthcare system."

  • Areas of interest: Bade enjoys traveling and recently had the opportunity to travel to Athens, Greece and Istanbul, Turkey. Her favorite place to travel is Wilmington, NC to visit her 18-month-old grandson. She also enjoys working in her flower garden during the spring.
  • M.S.N. — Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville
  • B.S.N. — Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville
  • A.D.N. — Lincoln Land Community College
  • Courses taught: Nursing 330, which included classroom, clinical simulation lab, and hospital clinical.
Photo of Barbara Chumley

Barbara D. Chumley, MSN, RN, CNOR

Assistant Professor of Nursing

"I love having the opportunity to teach in my hometown, my Alma Mater, and being a part of the whole Mac Fam experience!"

  • Areas of interest: Chumley loves being with her granddaughters. She loves to travel, go to car races, and quilt/embroider. Chumley also loves teaching nursing.
  • M.S. in Nursing Education — Western Governors University
  • B.S.N. — MacMurray College
  • Courses taught: Nursing Fundamental Skills, Nursing Health Assessment, Med-Surg Clinical Simulation Lab, Fundamental, Med-Surg, and Community Clinicals
Photo of Mary Dial

Mary Dial, RN, MSN, CMSRN

Assistant Professor of Nursing

"I love teaching at MacMurray College because it is a small school in a small friendly community that contributes to the learning of the students. The MacMurray faculty and administration are very supportive and provide a wonderful environment for learning. Working at MacMurray College is more like spending time with family than going to a job. There is also an amazing coffee shop just a few blocks away."

  • Areas of interest: Dial enjoys many areas of nursing, but she has spent much time researching the special needs of patients of great size or BMI greater than 50. She feels that as this epidemic grows, nurses need to become knowledgeable in providing sensitive patient-specific care to this patient subgroup.
  • M.S. in Nursing Education — Benedictine University Lisle, Ill.
  • B.S.N. — Benedictine University Springfield, Ill.
  • A.D.N. — Lincoln Land Community College
  • Courses taught: Disease and Illness, Nursing 450 Leadership
Photo of Angela Pierson

Angela Pierson, MSN/Ed., RN

Assistant Professor of Nursing

"I love teaching at MacMurray College because the faculty interactions with students and coworkers are positive and motivating."

  • Areas of interest: Pierson enjoys spending time with her family, baking, and traveling.
  • M.S.N./Ed. — Western Governors University
  • B.S.N. — MacMurray College
  • A.D.N. — Lincoln Land Community College
  • Courses taught: Pathophysiology and Pharmacology I and II
Photo of Sheila Rhodes

Sheila Rhodes, MS, RNC-OB, CNM

Assistant Professor of Nursing

"I love the nursing faculty teamwork and close-knit staff. President Tierno is down to earth and all staff have been friendly and helpful. I also enjoy the Ponderosa and ShopKo located here in Jacksonville."

  • Areas of interest: Rhodes is interested in women's health, including obstetrics, integrative health, and complementary medicine.
  • M.S. in Midwifery — University of Illinois-Chicago
  • B.S. in Nursing — Bradley University
  • Courses taught: Nursing 410, Nursing 415, Nursing 432, Clinical for Nursing 418, Clinical for Nursing 411