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Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education

Photo of a MacMurray student signing with local ISD students.

The MacMurray College Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher Education Program is designed to provide you with all the preparation you need to become an effective teacher in public school districts, private schools, and state facilities.

As a major in MacMurray's Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education, you will get the opportunity to gain an understanding of the Deaf Community. Being immersed in Deaf Culture matters for becoming an exceptional teacher of the deaf. Many of the classes that students take are specific to challenges found within the deaf population.

In addition to classroom instruction, the program emphasizes experience working in area schools, including the Illinois School for the Deaf, located in Jacksonville.

You will have the chance to learn American Sign Language and Deaf Culture, with sufficient knowledge, skills, and abilities to interact with, provide services for, and develop programs and activities to Deaf and Hard of Hearing students at the elementary and secondary levels. Several of the American Sign Language instructors are deaf, so they provide special insight into Deaf Culture.

The Deaf and Hard of Hearing educator program at MacMurray is one of very few such programs in the United States. The Program will give candidates the opportunity to earn a Teacher Licensure for the State of Illinois in Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education. Since Illinois has one of the more rigorous licensing requirements, the Illinois license transfers relatively easily to most other states.

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Opportunities for Students

At MacMurray, you gain experience through field work embedded in program courses. You will get numerous opportunities to observe and participate in classrooms in various school districts to develop the skills needed to be an effective teacher. The focus of a MacMurray education is a hands-on, experiential approach that matters for your preparation as an eductor: even before you begin your student teaching, you will have already been in a variety of schools 70-100 hours.

Photo of a student signing in class.

These teaching experiences will be at several school districts in the Jacksonville area, as well as the Illinois School for the Deaf in Jacksonville. You will also be given the opportunity to visit the Central Institute for the Deaf in St. Louis, as well as the chance to join and attend meetings of Illinois Teachers of the Hearing Impaired (ITHE) and the Council of Exceptional Children (CEC).

The need for educators of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing is nationwide, and candidates who have completed this program work in school districts and state schools across the United States.

"MacMurray College's Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education program prepared me to be confident and poised in the classroom. Being involved in the program also provided me with lifelong professional connections and support." -- Brianna Sevik '14, teacher at the Michigan School for the Deaf


Learn more about Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education courses and how to pursue a major in Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education through our catalog.


Photo of Donald Aubry, Ph.D.

Donald Aubry, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Deaf Education
Director of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher Education

"My kids are great!"

  • Areas of interest: Dr. Aubry enjoys studying Cognition, Language Development, and Student Development.
  • Ph.D. in Educational Administration — Southern Illinois University
  • Ed.S. in Educational Administration — Western Illinois University
  • M.S.E. in Educational Administration — Western Illinois University
  • B.S. in Deaf and Hard of Hearing — Northern Illinois University
  • Courses taught: Perspectives in Deafness: Foundations; Guided Observation and Field Experiences with Deaf Students; English and American Sign Language Phonetics; Introduction to Speech, Speechreading, and Auditory Training; Teaching English as a Second and Low Access Language to Deaf Students (with Practicum); Teaching Spoken Language to Deaf Students in Itinerant and Typical Classroom Settings with Guided Practicum; Integrate Effective Reading, Translation, and Academic Instructional Strategies for Deaf Students; Clinical Practice: Elementary and Secondary