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Business Analytics

The Business Analytics Program, an interdisciplinary major that brings together statistics, psychology and business, is one of two new programs that MacMurray College offers beginning fall 2015.

Photo of students working in a computer lab.

As a Business Analytics major, you’ll be exposed to the cutting-edge analysis of large datasets and the new techniques being developed to use all the available information that has been collected from traces of human behavior, increasingly from mobile devices — cell phone records, GPS tracking, Internet search engine queries, buying patterns, consumer behavior, and social network activity, to name some of the most widely known. It is estimated that by 2016, one billion people in the world will have smartphones or tablets.

As a graduate in Business Analytics, you would bring together a variety of different types of databases to answer questions, some of which have not even been asked yet, but will only become apparent when data are combined. MacMurray's multi-disciplinary approach is designed to give you the background, understanding, and critical thinking necessary to help you frame those questions as a professional in the workplace. In addition, MacMurray considers internships and other professional work experience as part of your education, so graduates leave with hands-on experience in addition to classroom knowledge.

As a data analyst or data scientist, you could work in a wide variety of business, governmental, and academic settings. In business or a nonprofit, you might be identifying unmet needs, problems to be solved, or you might provide continuous improvement in all areas of operation.

You also could work for a local, state, or the federal government planning infrastructure and emergency services, or you might be in the traditional areas of social, physical, or life sciences, testing hypotheses and studying phenomena previously unavailable before such large computational capabilities became available.

At MacMurray, you’ll be exposed to how the human aspect must always be considered, both for the ethical implications of using big data and for deciding what should be done based on the available information.

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