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Student Life

Services for Students


The Bookstore is located on the first floor of the Campus Center next to the student mailboxes. The Bookstore carries a full array of supplies and miscellaneous items students will need, from new and used textbooks (some available for the rental program), reference books, school and residence hall supplies, computer accessories, apparel, gift items, some food items, snacks, cold drinks, and bookstore gift cards. You may make bookstore purchases with cash, credit and debit cards, and checks. Checks require a driver's license or student ID.

The Bookstore is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Bookstore is also open on some Saturdays for special events, unless otherwise posted. Summer hours are from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Campus Center (Irma Latzer Gamble)

Need a place to relax between classes, hold a meeting, access wireless service for your laptop, or go for a snack? The Campus Center is the answer.

Relax and enjoy a big screen television or a game of pool or ping pong available in the lobby area. (Your ID is required to check out equipment.) On the second floor, Piper's is open for students who wish to grab a beverage, sandwich, or a quick snack. Piper's hours are posted throughout the building. A soda machine is also available in the Campus Center Lobby.

The Campus Center is home to the Student Life staff. Members of the Student Life staff are available to help answer questions about life on campus, club activities, housing, counseling, and health and chaplain services. You will also find information about campus events held throughout the year by MacMurray clubs and organizations. The Campus Center is the central hub for mail and package service for all students and faculty.

A variety of meeting rooms in the Campus Center are available for student use. Stop by the Office of Student Life to make a reservation or to make arrangements for special setups.

The MacMurray Student Association (MSA) office is located on the second floor of the Campus Center next to Pipers. The Student Organization Room on the second floor is always open for students to meet and study. A microfridge and lockers are available for commuter students in the Student Organization Room.

Campus Security

The Campus Safety and Security Office is centrally located on the first floor of the Campus Center. A security officer is on duty seven days a week. Security officers may be identified by their uniforms.

Students should contact the Security Office to report a theft or other incident, or to request a late-night escort between academic buildings and the residence halls by calling 217-479-7020 or 217-320-3207. The "Annual Safety and Security Report" (PDF) is made available through the Security office.

Career Services

Your career decision deserves early and careful attention. For that reason, we encourage students to take full advantage of the services available through the Career Services Office. The staff can assist you in understanding the relationship between academic and career choices, discovering and developing alternatives, and making the transition from the academic world to the professional world.

One of the many services available to students through the Office of Career Services is individualized career and interest assessment. There are two tests that are housed in the office and many more available online, through which students can gain insight into their own personalities and career choices. The two main forms of assessment are the FOCUS program, which is a computer-based program and the Self-Directed Search, based on John Holland's Theory of Career Choice. There are many benefits to utilizing these services during a student's time at MacMurray, and they can be particularly helpful if a student wishes to research different careers, choose a major, compare different fields of study, determine if a certain career is a good choice, learn about career outlook, or even just acquire some validation regarding his or her choice of a career path.

In addition, the office provides information on various Career Services events taking place throughout the school year, including graduate school and employment fairs, as well as scheduled visits from graduate schools and business recruiters, offering everything from mock interviews to school and employment information. There are two computers available for students to access online resources, such as job search websites and graduate school testing information, as well as supplemental printed materials on various topics related to career development.

Center for Learning Excellence

The Center for Learning Excellence is located on the 2nd floor of the Henry Pfeiffer Library. The Center for Learning Excellence (CLE) provides academic support for students and community at no extra cost. We offer professional tutoring, peer tutoring, study groups, and assistance with study skills, time management, test taking, and much more.

Our Assistant Director serves as a professional tutor and offers assistance in math, writing, biology, psychology, physics, chemistry, history, business, and other subjects. Our Writing Specialist offers assistance with COMP 131, 132, and writing for other courses. Our Peer Tutors are faculty recommended and trained to assist students in their subject. Tutoring is available on a walk-in basis or by appointment. Tutors' schedules are posted across campus and on the website, and are emailed to the campus community. Some faculty also hold office hours in the CLE.

Students preparing for the education exams can find study books and materials available in binders that can be checked out. Study groups will be led upon request.

For maximum benefits, students should prepare their assignments well in advance and use the CLE on a regular basis. Research recommends 2 hours of study and preparation for every 1 hour spent in class, including lab times. For example, if a student is enrolled in PSYC 101, he or she will spend about 3 hours per week in the classroom. Then, he or she should spend 6 hours per week reading, studying, revising notes, and participating in study groups just for PSYC 101. Because Mac students often take 15 hours of classes per week, the CLE recommends a total of 30 hours preparing for classes.

Study assistance can also be found on the Center for Learning Excellence web page. All students should spend time each week in the Learning Center and get help immediately when they encounter a problem.

Check Cashing

A student may cash personal checks in any amount up to $50.00 in One-Stop Student Services. Students picking up or cashing checks must show their MacMurray identification card. No exceptions are made. There is a $50.00 charge for each check returned for insufficient funds. In addition, one returned check causes a student to lose his/her check cashing privileges.

Counseling Services

Students interested in receiving personal counseling must go to the Office of Student Life. One of the staff will make the student's first appointment with Park Place Counseling Services located just a few blocks from the College campus. This service is free for students. If more than 3 sessions are required for on-going counseling the student will work with the insurance person at Park Place to obtain services through their parent's insurance or their own personal insurance company.

Dining Services

Chartwells provides enjoyable, nutritious, and creative meals to the whole student body. Students with special dietary needs are encouraged to make their needs known to the Dining Services Director.

Piper's Grill, located at the Student Center, provides breakfast meal plans as well as a full retail of great snacks, beverages, and groceries. For students on the go, Piper's offers a wide variety of Grab & Go products as well: salads, sandwiches, wraps, coffee, and drinks. The grill also features a full line of grill and appetizer items. The keys to our successful effort are variety, service, and quality. You will be able to select items from our deli, hot food line, or the salad bar in the Dining Hall. Careful purchasing and good consumer habits will assure you of satisfaction in your diet all year long.

Dining Services also offers a full-service catering department. After scheduling your receptions, parties, picnics, or special meals with the Administrative Assistant in Operations, contact the General Manager of Dining Services at 217-479-7069 for all of your special dining needs. Involve us in your initial planning for additional ideas for your special occasions.

All events must be scheduled and planned at least seven days before the event. Those being charged to a residence hall or approved organization must be cleared by the advisor to that group in writing. Suggestions and comments regarding the Dining Service should be discussed with the Director. Please visit our Dining Services website to offer feedback and keep involved in your dining service.

Disability Services

It is MacMurray College's goal that all enrolled students have reasonable access to the vast array of educational experiences the College offers. The Office of Disability Services (ODS) serves specifically as a resource to students with documented disabilities to secure the access they need to enjoy those experiences and achieve their educational goals.

If you have a learning disability, attention deficit/hyperactive disorder, mobility challenge, psychological/psychiatric diagnosis, are blind/low vision, deaf or hard of hearing, or have another documented disability, you may be eligible for accommodations. It is important that you contact Disability Services when you are accepted to the College, or soon after, because you may need time to secure appropriate documentation and because certain types of requests take time to fulfill. Then, each semester thereafter, you will need to make contact with Disability Services to make arrangements for the following semester.

The Disability Services office and your faculty work within the bounds of their resources to provide accommodations to meet your needs.

If approved for services, you may be eligible to receive assistance securing note takers, sign language interpreters, alternative testing arrangements, audio text formatting, Braille/large print texts, and/or on-campus room and board accommodations. It is important to remember that Disability Services and faculty will make appropriate accommodations to provide equal access but course content, academic rigor, or requirements will not be altered to accommodate the needs of an individual.

It is your responsibility to request services, to show evidence for the need of support services through documentation of disability, to keep the Disability Services office appraised of your continued service needs and satisfaction, and to pursue assistance as needed from programs and agencies outside MacMurray College. The College is available to assist you with these processes.

Health Services

Got the blahs, flu, or a cold? MacMurray's Health Service is available to you for care. More serious health problems are treated by referral to local physicians or Passavant Hospital. It is recommended that students carry medical insurance. Please carry the policy name and number with you when you receive medical care at the hospital or physician's office.

Physician or hospital care costs are the responsibility of the student or parent. You may be expected to pay in cash when seen in the office of local physicians.

Students who have special health needs should consult with the coordinator. If you are not sick, but interested in improving your general physical well-being, Health Services is the place for that too. The coordinator will assist you or refer you to the appropriate provider to obtain information on birth control, stress management, sexually transmitted infections, diet, nutrition, physical fitness, and other resources to help you enjoy the healthiest years of your life.

All full-time students entering MacMurray College are required to have a record of childhood immunizations, including proof of immunity to diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, measles, mumps, and rubella. A meningococcal vaccine is required of all students beginning the 2016-2017 academic year. A TB skin test with results is also required for all students. A physician-completed Health Certificate, which includes a physical examination, is also required and kept on file in the Health Services Office. There will be a $5.00 health record retrieval fee charged to the student’s account if a student has not submitted the required records to the MacMurray College Health Services Office and the College Nurse has to obtain these records.

If you are too ill to contact Health Services for assistance, notify your RA, RD, or roommate to seek assistance for you. Health Services does not write excuses for missed classes. You are responsible for any class work missed because of illness. If you have a scheduled exam, you are responsible for contacting the instructor before the exam.

In cases where you are hospitalized or sent home because of illness, you must notify One-Stop Student Services, who will contact your instructors. Medical emergencies occurring before or after Health Services hours should be reported to your Resident Advisor or Resident Director. Please note that the college will require outside medical and/or treatment evaluation for students when deemed appropriate.

Library (Henry Pfeiffer)

Knowing how to locate, evaluate, and use information is important to success in college and in life.

The staff of Henry Pfeiffer Library helps students learn these skills through in-class instruction and through one-on-one assistance.

Formal instruction in locating resources in both print and electronic forms, evaluating web sites, and how to correctly document information found is provided in COMP 132, and subject-specific instruction is provided at the request of faculty. Just ask to get personalized assistance with your information needs.

Pfeiffer Library houses or provides access to a wealth of information resources. Some of what you will find inside the building:

The Library has wireless internet access and offers Windows and Mac desktops, printers, a copier, and a scanner for student use.

From the Library's website, you can access our online book catalog, full-text magazine and journal databases to which we subscribe, electronic reference sites we have reviewed and selected to support Mac's curriculum, books owned by other libraries, and more. Again, just ask for assistance, either in person, by email, chat, text, or phone.

Lost and Found

If you've lost something or found something belonging to someone else, contact the Office of Student Life (217-479-7123) or Facilities (217-479-7220).

Mail Center

A mailbox is required and issued to every student, including commuters. All mail (Campus, UPS, Express, and U.S. Mail) will be delivered to your mailbox. Please check your mailbox daily. All College department personnel, faculty, and staff will be sending important information on a regular basis through our College mail system. If you have a large package, you will receive a notice in your mailbox to pick up your package in the Mail Center. Outgoing mail and packages may be shipped through the Mail Center if received prior to 2:50 p.m. Monday through Friday. If it is after 2:50 p.m. and you need your mail to go out that day, you must go to the US Post Office located in downtown Jacksonville. For your convenience, a mail receptacle is located outside the door of the Mail Center. This allows students to drop off their mail even if the mail center is closed. To avoid delays in receipt and distribution of incoming mail, all students should have family and friends enter their Campus Mailbox Number on all incoming mail.

Office of Student Life

The Office of Student Life, located on the first floor of the Campus Center, is open from 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Services located within this office include campus activities, student government, student leadership, student conduct, health services, religious life, counseling referrals, and residence life.

Religious Life

As a part of its commitment to the personal development of students and in keeping with its identity as a church-related college, MacMurray offers opportunities for formal and informal religious expression and exploration. The Coordinator for Religious Life & College Chaplain is available for spiritual counsel, personal guidance, religious programming, and frontline crisis situations. The chaplain also schedules ecumenical religious and service-based programs which are open to all members of the MacMurray community. The chaplain keeps set hours in the Office of Religious Life and is also available by appointment as well as being on call after hours. The chaplain's office is located within the Office of Student Life.

Residence Life

MacMurray College recognizes that a substantial part of your college experience will take place in the residence halls. It is in the halls that many close friendships will develop and continue long after you graduate from Mac.

The residence halls are places where living and learning meet. It is there that you will meet new and different people, encounter new ideas and differing values, and test your independence. You'll find the halls are places where all of the elements of the MacMurray Community fuse. Studies have shown that students who live in residence halls for at least part of their college career enjoy a significantly higher rate of graduation and are more satisfied with their overall experience.

Each residence hall is under the guidance and supervision of a Resident Director (RD) who is a member of the Student Life Staff. The RD is responsible for the general management of the building in which he or she resides and is assisted in that endeavor by the Resident Assistants (RAs) and the Coordinator of Residence Life. The RAs are student staff members specifically selected and trained to assist the Resident Director in the management of the residence hall. The RAs are also in charge of coordinating the floor's social, educational, and recreational events as well as promoting a cooperative and productive living and learning environment. Should any problems occur, your RA is the first person you turn to for help.

Residence Hall Services

Vehicle Registration

All members of MacMurray College may operate a motor vehicle on campus. Vehicles parked in campus lots must be registered and display a current parking sticker. Parking stickers are available at the Office of Student Life. Vehicle registration must be completed within seven days of the beginning of the semester.

Organizations and Activities

MacMurray has a wide variety of groups including special interest, departmental, service, and Greek organizations. In fact, there are over twenty different clubs and organizations for students to become involved in during their collegiate career.

Student Government

MacMurray students assume major responsibility for campus engagement through student government. This student-elected government acts in both legislative and executive capacities when dealing with the significant issues of college life. The MacMurray Student Association (MSA) is charged by its charter from the Board of Trustees of the College to use its power for the best interests of the students and in accordance with the standards and ideals of the College.

The Campus Activities Board

The most active organization at MacMurray, the Campus Activities Board (CAB) is responsible for providing entertainment for the College. CAB sponsors special events that include Family Weekend, Homecoming, Highland Games, and numerous weekend and evening activities. If you would like to join CAB contact the Coordinator of Residence Life or a CAB member. We are always looking for new student leaders!


Participation in athletics at MacMurray is provided equally for men and women. It is a supplement to the academic program and is consistent with the overall mission of the College: "[Students'] transformation extends beyond the classroom to the many laboratories of learning and leadership in our students' chosen fields and in conscious integration of students' intellectual and extracurricular lives on campus."

Athletics provides a learning environment which fosters the development of key social and emotional values such as fitness and physical well-being, hard work and discipline, respect for rules and authority, sportsmanship, team work, fair play, and ethical conduct. Moreover, the social interaction which the athletic arena provides encourages camaraderie and the development of lifelong friendships. All of these opportunities are provided at MacMurray in an atmosphere where the health, safety, and physical welfare of the student-athletes are of utmost importance.

MacMurray strives to provide a competitive, high quality NCAA Division III program under the principles of fair play and amateur athletic competition. We take far more pride in the high percentage of our student-athletes who earn their degrees and graduate than we do in the win-loss records of our teams. Winning is important, but to compete well and learn from the experience is the focus of the program.

Intercollegiate Programs

MacMurray is a National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division III member institution which competes in the St. Louis Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SLIAC) in all sports other than football, which competes in the Upper Midwest Athletic Conference (UMAC). The Highlander men compete in football, soccer, golf, basketball, baseball, wrestling, and cross country; and the Highlander women compete in volleyball, soccer, golf, basketball, softball, wrestling, and cross country.

Commitment to Compliance

The MacMurray Department of Athletics is committed to upholding the integrity and intent of the NCAA Division III, SLIAC, UMAC and the Institution. To promote this commitment, MacMurray College has established a Compliance Office and Program to enhance training, education, policies, and procedures to insure compliance with NCAA Division III, SLIAC, UMAC and institutional rules and regulations.

Another task of the compliance office is to provide a prompt response when a rule or regulation violation occurs. It is the MacMurray College position that all violations will be reported regardless of their severity.

Student Responsibilities

MacMurray provides a college community that includes facilities for living and learning that offers ample opportunities for cultural and social experiences, and that contributes to a sense of wellbeing and individual growth. The opportunities of a college community go hand-in-hand with responsibilities. Just as each student has the right to expect a creative and wholesome environment, he or she has an obligation to be a cooperative and trustworthy citizen. A college community is an adult society that assumes all its members will perform as mature individuals both on and off the campus. The regulations of MacMurray's campus are the work of the students, administration, and faculty. The rules of the College, its customs, and its traditions are contained in the MacMurray student handbook, The Maggie. The College expects its students to respect the laws of the state and of the College. If the behavior of any student in the residence halls, in the classroom, on the campus, or in the community indicates that he or she is fundamentally out of harmony with the ideals of the College, that student is subject to disciplinary action and/or may be asked to withdraw from the College.