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For more information about program offerings, degree requirements, and career opportunities in Business, Accounting, and Sport Management, see the Business Division section of the catalog.


As a marketing major, students will be exposed to the principles of marketing and the field's best practices to design campaigns that encompass traditional and new media platforms. With a solid grounding in business, including courses in accounting, economics, business law, and management, students will apply the theory in those areas to specific marketing problems.

Majors receive instruction in marketing research and consumer behavior, advertising and the use of social media, providing a wide base of practical knowledge. Professional work experience is a large part of a career-directed MacMurray education, so many business students take internships in area businesses or at the state or national levels.

Majors have a wide variety of career options, including work at advertising or public relations firms or those departments in other businesses. Because marketing is such a varied and comprehensive field, graduates can also find themselves working in a number of other business operations, such as sales and customer relations departments or doing promotional and public relations efforts by non-profit organizations or government agencies.

Major Requirements

Marketing majors are required to complete successfully a common group of business core courses: ACCT 221 and 222; BUSA 223, 301, 316, 367, and 400; ECON 210 and 220; FINC 345; and MGMT 317. In addition, majors must complete MARK 330, 335, 337, 345, 360, 370, and 399.


For those students interested in gaining a better understanding of marketing, the Business Division offers a minor in Marketing. This minor requires successful completion of the following courses: ECON 210 and MARK 330, 335, 337, 345, and 399.


MARK 330. Principles of Marketing. (3) Marketing in the economy, nature and scope of marketing, the consumer and marketing, determinants of buyer behavior, the product, the price system, distribution structure, promotional activities, and evaluation of the marketing effort. No prerequisite.

MARK 335. Marketing Research. (3) Studies the systematic and objective process of gathering, recording, and analyzing data to aid in making marketing decisions. Prerequisites: BUSA 367 and MARK 330.

MARK 337. Consumer Behavior. (3) Studies in the application of the behavioral sciences to understand human behavior in the market place. Prerequisite: MARK 330.

MARK 345. Advertising. (3) Principles and techniques of advertising. Specific topics include planning and execution of advertising campaigns, the social and economic role of advertising, the creative process, and customer research. Prerequisite: MARK 330 or SPRT 231.

MARK 360. Marketing Communications. (3) An examination of three elements of the promotional mix. Topic areas include personal selling, sales promotion, and public relations. Prerequisite: MARK 330.

MARK 370. Social Media Marketing. (3) The course will examine the field of social media marketing. The course will require the completion of a social media marketing plan. Topics covered will include blogs, podcasts, social networks, and discussion boards. Prerequisite: MARK 330.

MARK 399. Topics in Marketing. (3) An examination of selected topics in the field of marketing. Topics include consumer behavior, international marketing, and marketing management. Prerequisite: MARK 330.