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For more information about program offerings, degree requirements, and career opportunities in Business, Accounting, and Sport Management, see the Business Division section of the catalog.



For those students interested in gaining a better understanding of management, the Business Division offers a minor in Management. This minor requires successful completion of the following courses: BUSA 223 and 316; ECON 210; and MGMT 317, 320, 325, and 399.


MGMT 317. Principles of Management. (3) Policies, decision making, objectives, functions, form of organization, facilities, and techniques as they are applied in successful business management.

MGMT 320. Human Resource Management. (3) The personnel and status relationships existing in a typical firm. Topics covered include selection and staffing, placement, training and development, performance evaluation, compensation and benefits, and labor relations. Prerequisite: MGMT 317.

MGMT 325. Leadership Styles in Business. (3) The styles of leadership in the world of business. Topics covered include leadership theories, development of leadership and decision making skills, and gender differences in leadership. Prerequisite: MGMT 317.

MGMT 340. Management and Business Ethics. (3) Explores moral problems that are often raised for people working in the professions. The class will begin by examining moral theory and the logical reasoning of moral decision making. Issues to be studied may include due process, race, gender, professional codes of ethics, confidentiality, loyalty, truth-telling, corruption, just use of force, and the role of leaders. Cross-listed with PHIL 226.

MGMT 399. Topics in Management. (3) An examination of selected topics in management. Topics include business organizations, international management, and history of management. Prerequisite: MGMT 317.