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Tuition and Fees

A complete list of current tuition and fees is located on the Tuition and Fees page. Students registered for 12 or more credit hours per semester in on-campus coursework are billed a flat full-time tuition rate. Online-only students are charged a per credit hour rate as designated. Students taking courses on-campus registered for less than 12 credit hours will be charged tuition and fees at a part-time per credit hour rate.

Billing Procedures

Statements will be monthly with payment due on the 1st of each month. A late fee charge of $25 will be assessed on past due balances. Note: Any check returned by the bank for any reason will result in a $50 fee. MacMurray College does not award a diploma or issue an academic transcript for students whose bills to the College are unpaid. Additionally, a student may be denied housing, registration, or be administratively withdrawn for an unpaid account balance.

Bookstore Account

The Campus Bookstore located in the Gamble Campus Center is available to students for the purchase of books and educational supplies. Payment options include cash, check, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover), and the MacMurray College Bookstore Account. Students can establish an account for purchases of required books and educational supplies. The value of this account is added to the student's account through One-Stop Student Services. Students may charge to their account each semester up to an established and published deadline.

Withdrawal and Refunds

Students withdrawing from MacMurray College regardless of reason are required to complete the College's withdrawal process which begins with One-Stop Student Services. See the Withdrawal Policy in the Financial Aid section of the catalog for more information. Students who withdraw from on-campus programs at MacMurray College are entitled to a refund of tuition and fees, room, and board charges according to the following schedule.

On-campus Program Withdrawal Schedule
Withdrawal Date Percentage Refund
Prior to and through the first day of class 100%
During Week 1 90%
During Week 2 70%
During Week 3 50%
During Week 4 30%
After Week 4 No Refunds
8-week Module Offered Online and/or Summer Refund Policy
Withdrawal Date Percentage Refund
Prior to and through the first day of class 100%
During Week 1 50%
During Week 2 25%
After Week 2 No Refunds

Withdrawing can prompt loss of financial aid which has already been disbursed to students. Students may become liable for some or all of the lost financial aid. Be sure to contact One-Stop Student Services for an explanation of any aid reversals and the consequences to you prior to your withdrawal. See the Return of Title IV policy in the Financial Aid section of the catalog.


Students or parents who feel that their individual circumstances warrant exceptions from the refund policies may appeal to One-Stop Student Services.