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Elementary Education


ELED 232. Principles of Elementary Education. (3) Fundamental issues, curriculum, and techniques in today's elementary schools. Includes a field experience component (10 hours). Offered every semester.

ELED 304. Fundamentals of Teaching Social Studies/Science. (3) Basic principles, techniques, and materials for teaching social studies and science in the elementary schools. Prerequisites: ELED 232 and junior standing. Offered every fall.

ELED 308. Reading Methods. (3) Concentrates on the content of reading and the various methods of teaching reading, including whole language. Also includes teaching strategies, diagnostic tools, and interpretation and analysis of testing results. Other topics include the development of language as a prerequisite to reading, diagnosis of reading disabilities, designing a remediation plan, and implementation and evaluation of outcomes. Prerequisites: ELED 232 and 307.

ELED 383. Reading Laboratory. (3) The student will practice diagnostic and prescriptive teaching in reading through individualized instruction with public school students. Prerequisite: ELED 308. Offered every semester.