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Business Administration

For more information about program offerings, degree requirements, and career opportunities in Business, Accounting, and Sport Management, see the Business Division section of the catalog.



Business Administration majors are required to successfully complete a common group of business core courses: ACCT 221 and 222; BUSA 221, 223, 301, 316, and 400; ECON 210 and 220; FINC 345; MATH 131; MGMT 317; and MARK 330. In addition, the major in Business Administration also requires that students complete four 300-level courses from the following areas: Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, or Marketing.


For those students majoring in an area other than Accounting or Business Administration but interested in gaining a better understanding of business, the Business Division offers a minor in Business Administration. This minor requires successful completion of the following courses: ACCT 221 and 222; ECON 210 and 220; FINC 345; MGMT 317; and MARK 330.


BUSA 211. Technology and Society. (3) This course provides a critical examination of the complex interrelationship between society and technology. The course makes students aware of the pervasiveness of technology in our everyday lives, creating and encouraging an understanding of how technology interacts with and is embodied in society. Technology is both the driving force behind societal change as well as the output of our technological imagination. It is this dichotomy that will be examined in this course. Students will learn about how digital tools have led to the development of a high-tech society characterized by customization, individualism, and privatization. The course covers topics such as innovation in the technology sector, Facebook, online surveillance, digital inequality, and immaterial labor. No prerequisite.

BUSA 221. Statistics for Business. (3) Analysis of statistical theories and techniques and their applications for decision making in the social sciences. No prerequisite.

BUSA 223. Business Communication. (3) This course explores the theory and practice of a variety of business communication situations including group communication, interviewing, resume writing, business presentations, and others. Prerequisites: RHET 132 or permission of instructor.

BUSA 301. Cultural Environment of International Business. (3) The impact of cultural differences and diverse world views on the practice of business in multicultural and international business environments. Students will examine the nature of culture and their own cultural perspectives in relation to a variety of business contexts. No prerequisite.

BUSA 316. Business Law. (3) A study of the field of law as it applies to business transactions, including commercial code, torts, agency and employment negotiable instruments, partnerships, corporations, and security. No prerequisite.

BUSA 400. Business Strategy. (3) An integration and application of previous courses through the study of problems in policy formulation and implementation. The cases and topics discussed in the course will place emphasis on strategic planning. Open only to seniors majoring in Business.