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Admission to MacMurray College

The undergraduate admission process at MacMurray operates on a rolling admission basis. Undergraduate admission files to the traditional campus programs are evaluated and reviewed as soon as they are complete. Established deadlines are not in place except for transfer students who wish to enroll in the Nursing program, which are listed below. Applicants who complete their application file early learn either that they are admitted to the College or what is needed for admission. No applicants will be admitted for Fall 2016 prior to September 1, 2015 to ensure all policies are in place. Prospective students not approved for admission are given the opportunity to appeal the admission decision and/or provide additional information in support of application materials already on file.

Some majors require additional screening after general acceptance to the College. These programs (Nursing and Education) have established standards that must be met prior to enrolling in the professional sequence in these areas.

MacMurray College does not require an application fee, regardless of completing an online or paper application for admission. After admission and prior to advisement and registration, admitted students will be asked to submit a $150 enrollment deposit which is applied toward tuition charges. If enrollment plans are revised, students have until May 1 to have their enrollment deposit refunded. This request must be completed in writing to the Chief Admissions Officer. No refunds will be given after May 1.

Many applicants are admitted while currently enrolled in their senior year of high school or last term of attendance at another college. Admission, in this case, is granted on the condition that the admitted student complete their work-in-progress and a copy of the final and complete transcript is sent to MacMurray College. For new, first-time freshmen, the final transcript must denote a graduation date.

Unofficial transcripts and test scores will not be permitted for application materials.

Undergraduate Admissions Application Procedures

First-Year Freshmen

  1. Complete an official application for admission. This can be done using the paper application or at There is no application fee. Mail completed paper application to:
    MacMurray College Office of Admissions
    447 East College Avenue
    Jacksonville, IL 62650
  2. Request official copy of your high school transcript, including test scores (ACT/SAT) to be sent to the address above. A copy of the high school transcript and all test scores are required for students who are first-year freshmen.
    1. ACT school code for MacMurray is 1068.
    2. SAT/College Board school code for MacMurray is 1435.

Transfer Students

  1. Complete an official application for admission. This can be done using the paper application or at There is no application fee. Mail completed paper application to:
    MacMurray College Office of Admissions
    447 East College Avenue
    Jacksonville, IL 62650
  2. Request official transcripts from all colleges attended, even if the student withdrew. If a transcript is not available, the applicant must request a letter from the College's bursar or registrar, confirming that no transcript is available.
  3. Transfer students who have completed less than 24 hours will also be required to submit official high school transcripts and ACT/SAT scores.
  4. Transfer students indicating to enroll in Nursing must also send official test scores (ACT/SAT) to MacMurray College.
    1. ACT school code for MacMurray is 1068.
    2. SAT/College Board school code for MacMurray is 1435.
  5. Transfer applications for full consideration to Nursing program must be received in full on or prior to March 1. Application materials received after this date are subject to space availability.

Once materials are received, students will receive an admission decision in around 7-14 business days. Once admitted, prospective students will be asked to submit a $150 enrollment deposit.

Applicants with GEDs

Applicants who have received their General Equivalency Diploma (GED) must provide the following information.

  1. Official GED Scores. Students will need to request official score sheets by contacting the location of their testing center. Faxed/copied scores will not be accepted.
  2. Official ACT/SAT scores. Students may have their scores requested by visiting or Test scores are required.

GED applicants must have a minimum score of 400 on each test and an average score of 500 or higher. GED applicants must also achieve a 20 ACT or 940 on the SAT (critical reading and math).

Home School Applicants

Students who are home schooled will be required to provide the same information as first-year freshmen applicants. These items include official high school transcript and official test scores (ACT/SAT). Home school applicants are also required to provide course descriptions for all courses completed.


Applicants who are currently serving or have served in the military must provide the following information:

  1. official high school/college transcripts;
  2. official ACT/SAT scores;
  3. copy of DD-214 Form;
  4. official military transcript if wanting coursework evaluated.

Applicants whose DD-214 Forms indicate they are at Veteran status will be admitted without evaluation of transcripts and test scores. However, official copies of all items are needed for scholarship awarding, appropriate placement testing, and for audit purposes. Students who have not achieved Veteran status will be evaluated according to freshman/transfer admission criteria.

Veterans who have attended college since attaining Veteran status must have maintained a 2.00 transfer GPA to be admitted. Coursework prior to Veteran status is not considered except for credit evaluation.

Veterans will also have their deposit waived only after the DD-214 Form indicates Veteran status and all application materials are in.

Veteran students over the age of 25 or who will be 25 by the first day of classes and do not have ACT or SAT scores will have the test requirement waived. Veterans whose scores have been waived will be required to complete ACCUPLACER testing at MacMurray College for appropriate course advising and placement.

Former Students (Readmits)

Former MacMurray College students not participating in the STOP-OUT program must formally apply for admission and submit an official transcript from each institution attended since leaving MacMurray.

  1. Students who reapply to MacMurray College will be checked by One-Stop Student Services for academic, financial, and student life holds.
  2. Students who left in good standing and have maintained a 2.00 transfer GPA at all institutions and have no holds will be automatically admitted.
  3. Students who left on probation but have no holds and have maintained a 2.00 transfer GPA at all institutions will be admitted to the College on probation.
  4. Students who were dismissed from MacMurray College must appeal to the Academic Standards committee via appeal letter.
  5. Students who have one or more holds will be referred to the appropriate College staff members to resolve the issue.

Admissions Criteria for First-Year Freshmen Applicants

General Admission Requirements

We consider students for regular freshman admission who meet the following criteria.

Conditional Admission

If you do not meet the criteria for regular admission, you may be admitted on a conditional basis. In some cases, additional information will be requested of the applicant, such as (but not limited to) a personal statement and two recommendations by core academic instructors.

Contact an admission representative to review your transcripts and discuss your options.

Freshmen applicants interested in Nursing must meet the following requirements prior to enrolling at MacMurray College:

  1. 20 ACT composite score or higher (940 SAT Verbal/Math scores);
  2. 2.75 GPA;
  3. high school chemistry or introductory college chemistry with grade of "C" or higher.

Freshmen Nursing applicants not meeting the above requirements will not be allowed to enroll as a Nursing major at MacMurray College and must apply to the program on or before March 1 to be considered on space-available basis.

Requirements for Transfer Applicants

  1. Transfer students with more than 24 credit hours and a cumulative 2.00 GPA from all institutions attended will be admitted to MacMurray College.
    1. Transfer students who have less than 24 college credit hours must also submit and meet all first-year freshmen application requirements.
    2. Transfer students with less than a 2.00 cumulative GPA will be evaluated for admission on an individual basis.
  2. Transfer students indicating Nursing as their major must provide all information and meet the following requirements on or before March 1:
    1. 2.50 cumulative GPA.
    2. 20 composite ACT score or higher (940 SAT verbal/math scores).
    3. Successful completion of Organic Chemistry with grade of "C" or higher or proof of course enrollment at Nursing application deadline.
      1. Applicants who are LPNs may take MacMurray College's CHEM 131 concurrently with Nursing courses once admitted and enrolled in the Nursing program. Please refer to the Division of Nursing handbook for more information.
    4. Successful completion of Microbiology with grade of "C" or higher or proof of course enrollment at Nursing application deadline.

Transfer Nursing applicants not meeting the above requirements may be admitted as undeclared or undecided students but will not be permitted to enroll as Nursing students and must reapply to the Nursing program through the Office of Admissions for the following academic year.

Transfer Nursing applicants who meet all above requirements will be offered a spot in the Nursing program, contingent on space available. Official, written communication from the Office of Admissions will determine a place in the program, place on waitlist, or not meeting qualifications. Transfer Nursing applications are only good for one academic year and students must reapply each year with updated file materials to be considered.

Part-Time Student Applicants

A part-time student is defined as a student enrolled in fewer than 12 semester credit hours at MacMurray College.

Applicants seeking to enroll in one or two courses in one semester as a non-degree seeking student may be admitted as a part-time student. This student is only required to submit an official application for admission to MacMurray College. After earning 15 credits at MacMurray under this classification, part-time students must formally apply to MacMurray College for admission, providing all materials listed in the application procedures and meeting all admission requirements.

Students who are degree-seeking and considered part time will need to provide all application materials and be admitted to MacMurray College. Part-time students are not required to submit the $150 enrollment deposit at this time.

High School/Concurrent Enrollment

Applicants who are currently attending high school and have completed one semester of high school attendance may apply to MacMurray College. The following items are needed.

  1. A completed application for admission.
  2. Submit official high school transcript with a minimum 2.50 GPA on a 4.00 scale.
  3. Written approval from the high school principal or designate that verifies academic achievement and eligibility to enroll at MacMurray College. The high school principal may restrict the applicant's enrollment to specified courses or disciplines.

Students may enroll in one MacMurray College course as a freshman or sophomore and two courses after completing sophomore year.

Senior Citizen Applicants

Senior citizens, age 60 and older, may enroll in MacMurray courses for which they meet prerequisites, on a space-available basis, at a reduced tuition rate. Senior citizens are limited to two courses per term and must complete an application for admission to enroll in courses.

Advanced Placement (AP) Program

MacMurray College follows the guidelines published by the College Board to award AP credit. Credit is awarded based on a score of 3, 4, or 5 and is the equivalent of the credit awarded for similar courses taught at MacMurray College. To obtain credit, students must send official AP score reports to MacMurray College. Scores listed on high school transcripts will not be considered.