Mac student attends Veteran Networking Event in New York

November 11, 2019 | 1:31 PM

MacMurray College sophomore and U.S. Army Reservist Bernard McAfee, Jr., got the opportunity to attend the Morgan Stanley Veteran Networking Event in New York City on Nov. 1.

McAfee is a Geospatial Intelligence Imagery Analyst in the U.S. Army and was invited by Morgan Stanley to attend the event in New York – all travel expenses paid.

“At this event, not only was I able to network with other veterans, vice presidents and data analysts but they even gave me their contact information—everyone was really down to earth, and it was a really diverse environment,” McAfee said. “One vice president even went over my resume with me to tailor it to any position at Morgan Stanley.”

The Veteran Networking Event is a full-day program that Morgan Stanley describes as an opportunity to explore the financial services industry, as well as the firm's businesses and culture. Participants like McAfee were able to network with employees and participate in a variety of workshops to help gain insight into the recruiting process, network with senior leaders and become more familiar with the firm's businesses and culture.

Because of his great experience in New York, MacAfee is applying for an internship this summer. “Morgan Stanley employs more than 900 veterans,” McAfee said. “Companies like them are interested in veterans because they know veterans work well under pressure, know how to work within a team and have leadership capability.”
McAfee has always been curious about the military and he wanted to see what it was about. As a Geospatial Intelligence Imagery Analyst, he plays an integral part in providing Army personnel with critical information about enemy forces, potential battle areas and combat operations support. McAfee analyzes images to help design plans for everything from combat operations to disaster relief. He uses all manner of visual data, including aerial imagery, geospatial data, full-motion video and other electronic monitoring. 

“I enjoy the brotherhood and I like my military job,” McAfee said. “I help bring soldiers home and help ensure the safety of all soldiers in any mission. With my ASVAB (military placement exam) and job selection, I attained loan repayment benefits, G.I. Bill and an added kicker, because of my specific job in the military I was awarded 38 college credit hours and this summer I will complete an associate degree in Intelligence Operations.”

Also, through the G.I. Bill Work Study Program, McAfee is the veteran affairs assistant in the Office of Admissions at MacMurray. 

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