MacMurray College partners with RaiseMe

November 9, 2017 | 9:38 AM

Jacksonville, Ill. – MacMurray College is excited to announce a new scholarship program in partnership with RaiseMe, a social enterprise focused on expanding access to higher education by making scholarships more accessible and transparent for all students.

Starting as early as 9th grade, students across the country now have the opportunity to earn micro-scholarships from MacMurray for a wide range of activities including getting good grades, volunteering in the community or participating in extracurricular activities. By partnering with, MacMurray is improving clarity and access around financial aid.

As the newest member of’s growing movement, MacMurray will now offer students a variety of different scholarships, such as participating in community service, perfect attendance and attending the Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Seminar (HOBY). Together, MacMurray and are dedicated to creating new opportunities for students by enabling them to earn scholarship dollars during their high school career and learn about the kinds of behaviors that will empower them to be successful students in high school, college and beyond.

“We are excited to begin our partnership with Raise.Me,” says Tressman Goode, director of admissions. “At MacMurray, we believe in providing access to a quality education at an affordable price. This partnership will allow us to achieve this early in a student’s high school career.”

"We are excited about the impact of this partnership on high school completion and college readiness amongst our growing student population on nationwide. As we selected our next institution for partnership, MacMurray stood out as a mission-driven institution dedicated to access, affordability, and student success,” says Amanda Flores, the Director of Partnerships.

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About — was founded in 2012 as a social enterprise focused on expanding access to higher education, especially among low-income and first-generation students. Starting as early as 9th grade, enables students to earn scholarships throughout high school as they reach the goals that best prepare them to succeed. Whether that’s getting good grades, volunteering in the community, or joining an extracurricular, on students are rewarded by colleges for being motivated, driven and committed to success. Students at 1 out of 2 high schools across America have signed up to earn micro-scholarships from a diverse set of over 250 colleges and universities. Students, educators, and parents can learn more at

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