MacMurray implements two-school academic structure

September 4, 2017 | 1:58 PM

MacMurray College has reorganized its academic structure by creating a two-school model – the School of Professional Studies and the School of Arts and Sciences – with senior directors overseeing each school.

“The two-school system will be a better fit for a college of MacMurray’s size,” Provost Beverly Rodgers said.

Previously, the College’s academic structure included seven divisions with faculty members, known as division chairs, handling the administrative workload as well as normal classroom responsibilities.

“That proved to be unwieldy,” Rodgers said. “With the two schools, we will have two senior directors reporting directly to me, handling the day to day, allowing faculty members to focus on the classroom and their students.”

Bruce Liebe, assistant professor of criminal justice and homeland security, will lead the School of Professional Studies, and RJ Stewart, President Joseph R. Harker professor of philosophy and religion, will lead the School of Arts and Sciences.

“The new two-school structure will foster a dynamic and creative working relationship between the professional programs and traditional liberal arts programs and curriculum,” Stewart said. “It will also help the academic program areas run more efficiently, and will enhance communication between all constituents of the college.”

Liebe said the college is making great strides forward to further improve the administration and operation of the college.

“In the end, this will benefit the students by enhancing the product we deliver,” Liebe said. “In turn, their academic experience will likewise be enhanced.”

The new academic structure has been fully implemented for the 2017 Fall Semester.

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