Kathleen Hammock

I can chuck a rock
Smack dab on yur cheekbone
And you ain't never gonna see me comin
Mostly people don't
See me that is
Cause I was raised in the backwoods
Rattlesnake Hollow along Black Bottom Creek.

Ain't nobody pays attention to a skinny white girl no how
So I got to make um see me
That's where the rocks come in.

Mama says I ought to be a lady
And they don't chuck rocks
They sew and stuff
Hell fire and damnation
If that don't sound just plain tiresome.

But it don't matter much anyways
Folk don't come round here lookin for ladies
If they come a'tall, they's comin fer trouble
And it ain't mama's sewin they's lookin fer.

But that's ok
Let um come
Cause I'm a rock chuckin son of a gun.