I live down the street
Kathleen Hammock

Dear old woman with the wrinkled apple cheeks,

You don't know me
I live down the street
But I see you from time to time
Scrambling about in the daisies
So I hope you don't mind if I write.

You always seem so animated
Sweeping your front porch
Hustle Bustle Hustle Bustle
Your tiny blue eyes darting about
Like a little bird looking for bugs.

You like color
Reds and Blues and Yellows and Greens
Lively skirts swishing in time to the tune
Whistle Whistle Hum Hum
You sing

Your cheeks are weathered
Like orchard apples
Left in the cellar too long
But you sing.

I guess that is why I'm writing.

I heard about Joe
I heard about your Joe
Never came back from the war
I heard you waited a long time
By the train.

Then one day you put on your colors
Pulled your silver wisps in place with shiny pins
And began to sing

I just wanted you to know,

I'm sorry about Joe.