Trina Crew

I drive alone back home a lot.
The path is marked by places I pass,
Trees and water are all around me.
I think about other drives home before
A different vantage not a different road,
Trees and water are all around me.
I wonder how long I'll drive this road
The road seems to always change with
Trees and water all around me.

Trina Crew

The wooly caterpillar is the longest living caterpillar
The oldest caterpillar is the wooly caterpillar
Arctic vampire butterfly
Ice infinitely threatens to solidify
But her veteran cells are fortified
A pretty pop of crimson among black & white
She watches the world freeze as years go by
Everything she knows around her dies
The wooly caterpillar is the oldest caterpillar
The longest living caterpillar is the wooly caterpillar

Tree's Magnolia
Trina Crew

Life isn't like they told ya.

Well, then I'll get a cheetah,
Get close an it will eat ya.

I'm stuck in the middle

So you are gonna settle?
Fine my shield is strong & metal.

The first one I'd ever held, amazing.

I'm grown; I know; our times gone.
I'm changing.

Dear Jean Stapleton
Trina Crew

Dear Jean Stapleton,
I wish I knew Edith.
Honest human not a myth.
Archie knew he was lucky to be with.
I sit here and sip
A coffee I grip
Edith has been good for me.
A kind of mother I'd love to be.
Yet life made me differently.
My arms are jagged
World let me have it.
Red rage blocks open sight
I prefer to die than lose a fight.
Modern mad girl, nothing's yet been right.
Fuck polite.
She wasn't so much
That she was.
Jean is there a way?
Actors act but can I portray?
A better person than I am today.
Meekness is rewarded,
Lord make it worth it.
And my word for that is sordid.

The Ghostly Clarinets
Trina Crew

"The Ghostly Clarinets" by Trina Crew

The Beauty/Beholder
Trina Crew

"The Beauty/Beholder" by Trina Crew

The Skull
Trina Crew

"The Skull" by Trina Crew

The Bees
Trina Crew

"The Bees" by Trina Crew