Josh Bracken

Money runs the world.
It runs our life.
It makes us do things
It Controls us.
The way we talk to our love ones
Why does money be so precious?
Every day you worry about.
Take a step back.
And appreciate the real meaning of life.
Go out and enjoy it.
Everything in life shouldn't be about money.
Money can't buy happiness.

The Rival
Josh Bracken

It was a nice warm Monday of September
Playing against a conference foe
Their purple and yellow colors came unpleasant
Were at home with our fans cheering us on
I start off with a 20 yard run
And kept that going on later with a 40 yard run
And just knowing we can dominate them
The game was ours to lose at the end
With a key stop by our defense secured the win

The Gridiron
Josh Bracken

Bloody sweat and tears have been put on that green grass
You start out as just teammates but with what you go through
Together you become brothers
You go to battle with them every Friday night
Underneath those hot lights with your brothers
And playing your heart out there is no better feeling