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Day 11: View from the Monster

June 11

The landscape is changing fast on this leg of the trip. There's lots of desert and every so often a lovely patch of grass.

Day 10: View from the Monster

June 10

We're starting off Day 10 in the sunshine. It's definitely a warmer leg of the trip with temperatures rising above 100 a few times.

Adventures with Flat Mark in Arizona

June 10

Today I explored lovely Arizona!

I walked all over the desert and found so many beautiful and colorful plants. There were yellow ones, pink ones, purple ones, and even orange ones! And the desert has the most unique trees! 

Later I enjoyed a delicious dinner at Nook Kitchen in downtown Phoenix and had so many wonderful conversations with the MacMurray alumni! 

But today it reached a hot 106 degrees here in Arizona, and I couldn't find any better way to cool down and relax than a dip in the pool!


MacNation Tour Week 1 in Review

June 9

In week one of the tour we've driven 2,487 miles, attended three alumni events, made it to five donor visits and Mark has consumed 26 cups of coffee! And Flat Mark has gone on seven adventures, from Texas where he visited Buccees and the Texas State Capitol all the way to New Mexico where he learned a lot about the trial of Billy The Kid!

There have been so many first times with all of the visits and adventures, and there are some truly memorable moments, like when Mark ate his first Whataburger! Or when he was first greeted by a very adorable dog as he was checking into an RV Park! But amid all of the fun, Mark has been busy working on the road. Being the president of a college is a full-time job! 

There's still a lot more road ahead, but with the week we've had, I think we've got a lot to look forward to in the coming days! 

Keep scrolling down to check out all of the fun that happened during week one!




Day 9: View from the Monster

June 9

There are some wide open spaces out here. 

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Day 8: View from the Monster

June 8

We are traveling down the southern edge of Texas and the view has definitely gotten a little more prickly today. It's a bit of a different view compared to waking up at MacMurray College in central Illinois.

Adventures with Flat Mark in New Mexico

June 8

Today I visited the historic town of Mesilla, New Mexico!

I walked through the most beautiful church and saw many colorful homes!

And my lunch at Café De Mesilla was so delicious! I have Joyce to thank for that!

But the best part of my visit was when I ran into Billy the Kid! He didn’t have much to say, but we bonded like brothers!

I'm going to miss New Mexico! 

Adventures with Flat Mark in the Texas desert

June 7

Today I ventured across the west Texas terrain! 

I met this little guy, but I don’t know what he is. I hope he isn’t offended that I didn’t ask him his name.

I was able to go walking through the grass which was fun! I got lost once or twice, but the bugs helped point me in the right direction!

And then I climbed this cactus to test my endurance. I didn’t realize that climbing this behemoth was going to be so difficult! It sure did put me in a prickly situation! But I needed the exercise because sitting in an RV for hours at a time really does weigh down on you…maybe that’s why I’m so flat!

Day 7: View from the Monster

June 7

The Michalson Monster found a nice shady spot under some large oak trees this morning. Only one week into the MacNation Tour and we have already seen some beautiful sights from the trip. I'm certain there are more to come!

Adventures with Flat Mark at the Texas Capitol

June 6

Today I explored the Texas Capitol!

I met former President George W. Bush! He's a funny guy with a funny accent, and he sure knows how to tell a good story! I really enjoyed hearing him talk about growing up in Texas!

After my conversation with President Bush I walked all around the Capitol and noticed that there were stars everywhere! They're even on the doorknobs!

Everything looked so grand at the Capitol! They don't do anything small in Texas!


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