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Adventures with Flat Mark in Southern California

June 15

Being in Southern California has been quite the adventure!  

Mark and I enjoyed a delicious lunch at Hotel del Coronado and while we waited for our food Mark tried to impersonate me, but he just ended up looking like a goober in sunglasses! On our way out of Hotel del Coronado I met the lovliest of ladies and we walked through the hotel's garden to smell the flowers! I enjoyed smelling those flowers so much that I decided to take a trip to the Botanical Building in Balboa Park so I could smell the lillies in the lilly pond and look at all of the different kinds of plants! 

I also visited Casa Del Pardo and was amazed by the beautiful architecture! Someone really spent their time on that! Then I met dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum! I'd never met a dinosaur before! I was scared at first, but they actually turned out to be really nice guys! 

My last day in Southern California was spent on the beach in Los Angeles! I had my first swim in the ocean, but it was too salty so I decided to hop in the pool!

I'm really going to miss Southern California, but there are more adventures waiting for me! Portland, Oregon here I come! 





MacNation Adventures in Southern California

June 15

By this time tomorrow we’ll be in Portland, Oregon, but being in Southern California these past couple of days has been our biggest adventure yet! The alumni events in San Diego and North Hollywood were a blast! We met and spoke to many alumni who were filled with so much passion for MacMurray and were very supportive of this trek around the country.

We had some small adventures like trying our first In N’ Out burger which is a must when you’re in Southern California. And we had some big adventures like when MacMurray alumnus Rick Hall '81 invited alumna Marie Whaley '11, Associate Director of Annual Giving & Database Management, to the set of K.C. Undercover. We also had the opportunity to visit The Getty Center and dissect amazing pieces of art as well as the Griffith Observatory where we viewed the cosmos and the beautiful Los Angeles skyline.

Although we had an amazing time in Southern California, this trip is far from over and I’m sure there are going to be more adventures to come!

Day 15: View from the Monster

June 15

The Michalson Monster came to rest at this RV Park tonight under the shade of a nice tree.  

Life on the Road Pt. 1

June 14

Today we're seeing nothing but road as we travel to Oroville, California.

Being on the road is amazing because you get to see all of these different places and meet so many interesting people! And attending the alumni events and visiting donors has really opened our eyes to the kind of culture that has been crafted within the MacMurray community by past, present and future MacMurray alumni. They have an unbreakable spirit that keeps MacMurray alive and what better way to honor them than by touring all over the country to meet with them face-to-face and hear their stories.

Check out MacMurray College on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and the MacMurray College Alumni Community page on Facebook to view photos from the alumni events and keep up with the MacNation Tour!

Alumni event at First United Methodist Church in North Hollywood, California. 











Alumni event at Petco Park (Padres vs. Reds) in San Diego, California:






Day 14: View from the Monster

June 14

Today is a driving day up through Northern California on a warm day. Luckily it nice and cool inside the Michalson Monster.

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Meet the co-driver: Mike Flynn

June 13

Next to join me on the MacNation tour is Mike Flynn.

Mike Flynn is a native of Jacksonville who relocated back home several years ago. While not a Mac grad himself, he has adopted Mac as his local "hometown" college and he's had many Highlanders in his family including cousins, aunts, and even great aunts! 

Mike is a big believer in higher education and is happy to support MacMurray's creative nationwide MacNation Tour! 

I am lucky to have Mike as a co-driver and companion for the next few days!

Day 13: View from the Monster

June 13

Our view today is outside the alumni event in North Hollywood, CA.

Adventures with Flat Mark at the Campland RV Park

June 12

We're camping by the beach in San Diego, California! 

I've already met some interesting people here! Like this guy named Skelton! He said his favorite thing to do was to sit in his favorite chair and watch the waves roll in. So I joined him and we watched the waves for six hours without even saying a word! The waves were so mesmerizing!

Afterwards I played an intense game of volleyball! At one point I spiked the ball so hard that I got caught in the net! But it was worth it because I got my team the winning point! 

And then I went jet skiing! I was really nervous at first, but remembering my time with Skelton as we watched the waves made me realize that the waves are my friends! And the best adventures are those with friends! So I hopped on the jet ski and enjoyed a ride on the water!

I've gotta say, although the desert was really cool, there's nothing like the beach!


Day 12: View from the Monster

June 12

It's a beautiful morning at Campland in San Diego.

Charting the Trip

June 11

How does President Tierno keep on track for his trip? Lots of charts and maps! 38 states and over a hundred visits is a monumental task to coordinate!

The MacNation RV is made possible by a generous donation from Byerly RV Center of St. Louis, Missouri.  Hit the Road in Comfort!

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