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Adventures with Flat Mark in Colorado Pt. 1

June 20

Today I explored beautiful Durango, Colorado!

This morning, Mark and I had breakfast at Carver Brewing Company! The staff there were great! We also saw the biggest bike ever! I wanted to take it for a ride, but as soon as I was about to sit on the seat I saw a sign that said "Please do NOT climb on the bike." I was a little upset, but I understood that the sign was there for my safety!

I was really ready for an adventure after breakfast, so since I couldn't go bike riding I went hiking at Schneider Park instead! We took the Animas River Trail and enjoyed a lovely walk along the river. 

Durango is a really lovely place and there are some really great people that live there, too! 

Day 20: View from the Monster

June 20

We are approaching the Front Range today going through Colorado. The views just keep getting better and better. 

Day 19: View from the Monster

June 19

This hat has seen a few miles already with more to come! To be honest, we may need to clean the windshield. The Michalson Monster is looking a bit buggy. I'm sure it won't be the last time.

Meet the co-driver: Derek James '04

June 19

Derek James is the next driver to join me on the MacNation Tour!

Derek is from the Quad Cities, but currently lives in Jacksonville. He came to MacMurray College to play basketball and golf, and graduated in 2004. He has been coaching the MacMurray College Women's basketball team since 2005, he has coached men's and women's golf, and has also been an assistant coach for men's basketball. 

Derek loves to travel and enjoys seeing different parts of the world, so he was a natural fit for this role!


The Spirit of MacNation: Duty

June 18

Each Sunday’s post will be themed around one of MacMurray College’s six core values that come together to create the Spirit of MacNation. 

These values were adopted in 1955 when MacMurray established separate men’s and women’s colleges and each college had its own set. Knowledge, Faith and Service were the values of the MacMurray College for Women; Wisdom, Duty and Reverence were the values of the MacMurray College for Men. When the College became one in 1969, the values from both colleges were combined and became the core values for MacMurray College. 

Together these six core values define, inform, and guide the philosophy and work of the College and become the Spirit of MacNation. The core values which are Knowledge, Faith, Service and Wisdom, Duty, Reverence can be found on the MacMurray College seal.








Today we reflect on Duty.

Duty, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is an “obligatory task, conduct, service, or function that arises from one's position.” In other words, it is a responsibility that comes from one’s relationship with a person or place. Depending on a person’s relationship with a college, there are different duties involved that are necessary in order to help the college thrive.

President Mark Tierno has made it his duty to travel around the country and meet with hundreds of alumni and donors within two months. His task to “rally the alumni army,” as he puts it, is something he feels is necessary for the continued success and growth of MacMurray College. He leads by example to show staff, faculty, students and alumni the importance of carrying on the traditions of MacMurray College. 

There is also a duty between a college and its alumni to work together to help the college thrive and to encourage the success of its students. Those that will lead in the future need the support of those who have come before them in order for MacMurray College to grow and succeed. 

It is the duty of those who work for MacMurray College and the alumni of the College to continue to build up MacMurray, as we have since 1846, so that our storied institution can continue to send out courageous and determined leaders into the world to spread the Spirit of MacNation.

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Day 18: View from the Monster

June 18

We are heading back towards the center to the nation today, but we had a great time up in the Northwest.!If you are a fan of rain, this may be the spot for you.

Adventures with Flat Mark in Washington

June 17

Today I went hiking around the woods in Washington! 

I'm not used to seeing so much green everywhere! The terrain out here is so much different than the desert and it's so quiet!

I also stumbled across a farm and met some new friends. We had a very lovely conversation! 

After talking to my friends I decided to head back to camp, but I soon realized that I was lost! 

Near the farm there was a store that had a payphone, so l called Mark for a ride. Luckily I had some change on me to make the call!

Mark came to the rescue, and in no time I was back at the camp! 

Even though I got lost on my hike today, I still had fun exploring Washington! 


Day 17: View from the Monster

June 17

Driving the Michalson Monster through the mountains is both exhilarating and a little bit scary, but we are confident the Monster will keep us safe. Back to the road!

MacNation Tour Week 2 in Review

June 16


So far on the MacNation Tour we've driven 4,019 miles, attended six alumni events, made it to eight donor visits and Mark has consumed a total of 50 cups of coffee! We've also seen some interesting things on this leg of the tour. We saw dinosaurs, spaceships and a belly dancer in Arizona, and in California we saw teepees, mountains and a dog named Maggie. 

Flat Mark had a blast touring Arizona and Southern California, and he met his first dinosaur, went to his first baseball game, had his first ride on a jet ski and took his first swim in the ocean.

Tonight we'll be dining at Brix Tavern in Portland, Oregon and tomorrow it's Seattle, Washington!

Keep scrolling down to check out all of the fun we've had on the trip so far!



Day 16: View from the Monster

June 16

The view tonight is breathtaking! As we sit in the shadow of Mount St. Helens, the scenery has changed a bit since we started this journey. We have seen some great views and met some even better people on the MacNation Tour so far! I'm sure there are more to come!

The MacNation RV is made possible by a generous donation from Byerly RV Center of St. Louis, Missouri.  Hit the Road in Comfort!

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