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Day 25: View from the Monster

June 25

For those who don't know, Wisconsin likes their cheese. Seriously, it's everywhere here. Found this guy as we were heading through towards Milwaukee.

The Spirit of MacNation: Service

June 25

Each Sunday’s post will be themed around one of MacMurray College’s six core values – Knowledge, Faith, Service, Wisdom, Duty, Reverence – that come together to create the Spirit of MacNation.

These values were adopted in 1955 when MacMurray established separate men’s and women’s colleges, and were combined to became the core values for MacMurray College when the College became one in 1969.

Together these six core values define, inform, and guide the philosophy and work of the College and become the Spirit of MacNation.

Today we reflect on Service.

To serve is to perform any duty or work in order to help another.

The tradition of serving at MacMurray has flourished over the years and continues to be a tradition today, from 1942 when students volunteered to help out the Red Cross to present day as students in the Social Work Program grow vegetables on the MacMurray campus to donate to the food bank. Serving those in need is a part of the MacMurray spirit. Even alumni still gather together on the MacMurray campus to weed, mulch and do simple landscaping as a way to serve and give back to their alma mater.

MacMurray College has always guided its students to live a life of service. Whether it’s serving one’s alma mater, community, family, friends or those in need, serving is about giving of yourself and making a positive impact on those around you.

Day 24: View from the Monster

June 24

A little different viewpoint today as we cruised around Lake Minnetonka! What a great night on the water with some great people! The MacNation Tour rolls on!

MacNation Tour Week 3 in Review

June 24

During week three of the Tour, we've now driven 7,333 miles, attended nine alumni events, made it to 13 donor visits and Mark has consumed 77 cups of coffee! We began this week in Seattle, Washington, and traveled through Idaho, but we spent most of the week bouncing around Colorado. From Durango to Denver, we've seen some beautiful terrain and met the most wonderful people.

Flat Mark has had quite a few adventures this week. He went hiking in Seattle, did some rock climbing in Colorado Springs and enjoyed a stroll in downtown Denver. He can't wait to see what kind of fun the Midwest will bring him!

We've washed The Monster and have made it to Minnesota. Tonight we'll be cruising on Lake Minnetonka!

It's time to wash The Monster!

June 23

After driving over 6,000 miles, The Michalson Monster is in need of a good cleaning.

Mark and Flat Mark took turns scrubbing the Monster from head to toe until he was spotless.

Now we're ready to get back on the road!


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Day 23: View from the Monster

June 23

Minnesota is known by many as the "Land of 10,00 Lakes." While very beautiful, those lakes have lots of bugs which make for a very filthy Michalson Monster. We were able to find a car wash and get the Monster cleaned up!

See you later Colorado!

June 22

We’ve had such a great time in Colorado over the last couple of days and we spent our last Colorado evening in Denver!

A delicious spread of hors d’oeuvres and conversing with alumni at Guard & Grace was a great way to say goodbye to Colorado.

Flat Mark even had some time to take his own adventure around downtown Denver.

Mark grabbed his final Colorado coffee this morning before starting the next leg of our journey.

Over the next couple of days we’ll be making our way through Nebraska and onto Minneapolis, Minnesota for the next alumni event aboard the Paradise Grand Charter.

Check out MacMurray College on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and the MacMurray College Alumni Community page on Facebook to view photos from the alumni events and keep up with the MacNation Tour!

Day 22: View from the Monster

June 22

Hot air balloon sighting? Sadly, no. However, York, NE has a pretty interesting looking water tower. Almost fooled us there for a second. OK, it might have fooled us for longer than that. 

Adventures with Flat Mark in Colorado Pt. 2

June 21

Today I took a trip to the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs!

I saw the biggest red rocks I have ever seen and decided to do a little bit of rock climbing while we were there. That was a blast!

Rock climbing really wore me out, so we hit the trails and took a relaxing stroll. I really enjoyed looking and learning about all of the different kinds of plants!

Even though we didn't have to worry about bears on our hike, we did have to keep an eye out for rattlesnakes. Luckily we never saw one!

Day 21: View from the Monster

June 21

Another great stop today! Got to explore a little bit before we got back on the road to Denver!

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