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MacNation Tour Week 4 in Review

July 1

It's July 1st and I have officially completed the first half of the MacNation Tour!

Throughout June I traveled 8,750 miles, attended 13 alumni events and made it to 23 donor visits. I was lucky to have three co-drivers take on this adventure with me as we traveled to so many different places to rally the MacMurray alumni army. We covered a lot of ground as we made our way down to Texas, all across the West Coast, Washington, Minnesota and, currently, Missouri. 

Flat Mark has been able to see a lot of the country as well. He's gone on so many adventures in so many different places, and this week he really enjoyed being able to relax at the lakehouse in Wisconsin and explore Iowa City. 

The RV is getting serviced at the Byerly RV Company and tomorrow I'll be making my way to Jacksonville to enjoy the holiday. There are still a couple of events going on this weekend. Tonight we're Painting with a Twist and tomorrow we'll be watching some of our very own alumni in Mary Poppins at The Muni. 

Life on the Road Pt. 2

June 30

Last night I spent my evening at The Majestic Restaurant in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. I enjoyed an amazing dinner with many of the alumni in the area and I especially loved the historic atmosphere that the restaurant had to offer.

Today is the last day of June and with that thought is the realization that half of the MacNation Tour is over. This month has flown by and I've really enjoyed exploring the West Coast, the Pacific Northwest and everything in-between. This weekend I'll be inching closer to home base as I make my way to St. Louis and onto Springfield for the next two alumni events.

I'll get a couple days of rest and enjoy fireworks on the Fourth, and then it's back on the road to Chicago. This time I'll be seeing a whole other part of the country while my co-driver and I make our way to the East Coast to continue rallying the alumni army. 

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Day 30: View from the Monster

June 30

After 30 days on the road, the Michalson Monster needs a little checkup. Big thanks to Byerly RV for getting the Monster ready for the second leg of the tour. However, our views will take a little break. Don't worry. We will be back soon.



Day 29: View from the Monster

June 29

The Michalson Monster spotted a rainbow today. Our schedule is a little tight, so we didn't get to make it to the end of the rainbow. 

Adventures with Flat Mark in Iowa

June 28

The clouds have replaced the sunshine here in Iowa City, but that hasn't stopped me from having fun! 

I enjoyed a delicious and filling breakfast at Bluebird Café this morning, then I walked to The Haunted Bookshop to grab something to read while on the road.

After I grabbed some much needed literature, I decided I also needed a haircut. I can't believe the guys let me travel around the country with such messy hair! Luckily I stumbled upon Friday's Barber Shop!

The minute I sat in Sandy's chair I felt right at home, and he cut my hair in no time! We enjoyed a nice conversation over the sound of the shaver, and he told me that in the 50 years of his career he had never given a flat person a haircut. Since I was his first he cut my hair for free! 

It's been a good day in Iowa City! I made one last stop at John's Grocery to grab some water for the RV. Next we'll be heading to Des Moines!

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Day 28: View from the Monster

June 28

It's about the small things sometimes while you are driving across the country. As we traveled across Iowa, we saw the World's Largest Truckstop! I wonder what other "World's Largest" we could see. Ball of Twine? Pinata?

There are so many opportunities!

Meet the co-driver: Rich Laren '83

June 27

My next co-driver is Rich Laren, a graduate of the Class of 1983!

Rich is currently a member of the Alumni Association Board and has served as President of the Board in the past. He enjoys wearing his kilt around the MacMurray campus during special events, and has noted that when he wears his kilt "the cold is not the's the wind. That's the worry." 

Rich resides in Cambridge, Wisconsin where his neighbors call him "Captain Rich." He is a family man and enjoys spending time at his lake house. 

It is quite a pleasure having Rich with me as we make our way to Iowa!

Day 27: View from the Monster

June 27

We a definitely back in the Midwest! Iowa looks a lot like Illinois. The drive today to Davenport was a little less stressful than the drive through the mountains.

Adventures with Flat Mark in Wisconsin

June 26

Last night we had the pleasure of staying at a beautiful lake house in Wisconsin!

I loved being able to shower in a real shower and sleep in a real bed! It's been awhile since we've enjoyed such simple pleasures.

Today Rich Laren '83 took us on a boat! I mean, what's the point of staying in a lake house if you don't get to enjoy the lake!?

The weather was perfect for boating and it was nice to be able to enjoy the outdoors while we're in Wisconsin. 


Day 26: View from the Monster

June 26

I had a great time out on the boat today with Rich Laren '83. Maybe next time we do this MacNation Tour we travel by boat?

The MacNation RV is made possible by a generous donation from Byerly RV Center of St. Louis, Missouri.  Hit the Road in Comfort!

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