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Day 43: View from the Monster

July 13

We passed through Massachusetts on our way to New York City! Tonight we'll be seeing Mac alumna Christine Ebersole '75 in the showing of War Paint! 

Day 42: View from the Monster

July 12

We are back on the road after some great help! Hopefully, this will be the last of the delays.


UPDATE: Sadly, we have had another delay and are back in the shop. This time it seems like Michalson Monster may need more than a quick fix. However, the MacNation Tour will not be stopped! We are getting a rental car and heading east onto New York. Hope the Michalson Monster can reunite with us soon!

Life on the Road Pt. 3

July 12

When driving a RV across the country, expect there to be a few bumps in the road!

The Monster overheated earlier as we were driving through New York. President Tierno and I are safe and sound, but the Monster had to get towed to a service station in Albany. 

Let's hope the Michalson Monster gets back up and running in no time! 

Meet the co-driver: Adam Cassell

July 11

Adam Cassell is joining me on the road this week! 

Adam is an Assistant Professor and the Public Services Librarian at MacMurray College. 

He was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and is a proud alumnus of The Ohio State University. He has also earned a master's in library science from Kent State University.

Adam holds an interest in information literacy, media studies, and technology. He enjoys reading for fun and especially likes to read books about the Middle East.

When Adam isn't reading or doing research on media studies and information literacy, he is either traveling and exploring the outdoors or staying indoors and getting lost in a video game.  

I am happy to have Adam join me on the road this week as we make our way to New York! 

Day 41: View from the Monster

July 11

The Michalson Monster keeps on going as we continue our trip west towards New York! We have a few stops along the way before we reach out destination. Here's to hoping our luck continues!

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Adventures with Flat Mark: Weekend fun on the road

July 10

I had a blast this weekend as the MacNation Tour traveled through Michigan and Ohio!

I wanted to take advantage of the blue skies and beautiful weather while we were stationed in Michigan on Saturday, so I stopped by South Haven Riverfront. I saw so many boats on the Riverfront and was a little bummed that I couldn't take a ride on one, but I really enjoyed being on the beach again! I loved feeling the warm sand on my feet and putting my toes in the cool Lake Michigan water.

On Sunday, we headed to Ohio and I visited the National Museum of the United States Air Force! I got to read all about the history of the US Air Force and I even saw some really fascinating airplanes! Planes are much different than boats! I can't say I'd ever want to fly one, but have a huge respect for those men and women who do!

Taking some time at the beach and enjoying a day at the museum was a great way to end the week!

Day 40: View from the Monster

July 10

The MacNation Tour continues on as we arrived in Columbus today for an alumni event! We ran into a little bit of rain today, but we keep rolling on.

Day 39: View from the Monster

July 9

We had a little fun leaving Ann Arbor. We saw a University of Michigan store and we had to honk and let them know MacMurray College and the MacNation was rolling by them. Always proud to be a part of this great institution!

The Spirit of MacNation: Reverence

July 9

Each Sunday’s post will be themed around one of MacMurray College’s six core values – Knowledge, Faith, Service, Wisdom, Duty, Reverence – that come together to create the Spirit of MacNation.

These values were adopted in 1955 when MacMurray established separate men’s and women’s colleges and were combined to became the core values for MacMurray College when the College became one in 1969.

Together these six core values define, inform, and guide the philosophy and work of the College and become the Spirit of MacNation.

Today, we reflect on Reverence.

The values of Duty, Service and Knowledge are connected through the value of Reverence. President Tierno’s drive across the country to rally the alumni army, combined with the knowledge gained at MacMurray College and the service of past, present and future alumni, has shown how many people have been changed by their time at the College.

Reverence is the feeling of respect that many hold for MacMurray College along with the gratitude for the experiences and opportunities which have helped to shape who we have become. This is a time to pay reverence to your alma mater and give thanks for your unique moments at MacMurray College.

Day 38: View from the Monster

July 8

The MacNation Tour has been jam-packed, but it's always nice to relax around the campfire to end the day. We may have to make this a nightly tradition!

The MacNation RV is made possible by a generous donation from Byerly RV Center of St. Louis, Missouri.  Hit the Road in Comfort!

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