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Day 49: View from the Mini Monster

July 19

Flat Mark has really enjoyed his time relaxing on the Florida beaches. 

Adventures with Flat Mark in Florida Pt. 1

July 18

For the last few days I've seen nothing but road!

I went on so many adventures in Washington D.C., but once we left I quickly had to get used to the size of the Mini Monster. This monster truly is mini! However, I do enjoy riding shotgun. It’s so much nicer than being stored in a cabinet or cup holder! I’m also sure Mark enjoys having someone to keep him company. I think we’re keeping each other sane at this point in the trip! 

The best part of this week is that we’ve finally made it to Florida! And the best part of making it to Florida is this amazing and magical postcard store I found! I was able to shimmy myself right into my favorite ones and explore Florida while staying in one place! That was an experience I’ll never forget!

Day 48: Reverse view from the Mini Monster

July 18

Missing the spacious RV, but this Buick is much more fashionable. 

MacNation can't be stopped!

July 17

If you've been keeping up with the MacNation Tour you might already know that the Michalson Monster gave us some trouble last week. 

I wish I was able to tell you that we are back on the road in our home on wheels, but, sadly, the Michalson Monster had to take a hiatus to get some work done. He'll be back eventually!

Until then, we've hit the road in a more compact Mini Monster! 

We'll keep you updated as we finish the last nine days of the MacNation Tour! We can't be stopped! 


Day 47: View from the Monster

July 17

It's not home, but it'll work! 

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The Spirit of MacNation: Wisdom

July 16

Each Sunday’s post will be themed around one of MacMurray College’s six core values – Knowledge, Faith, Service, Wisdom, Duty, Reverence – that come together to create the Spirit of MacNation.

These values were adopted in 1955 when MacMurray established separate men’s and women’s colleges and were combined to became the core values for MacMurray College when the College became one in 1969.

Together these six core values define, inform, and guide the philosophy and work of the College and become the Spirit of MacNation.

Today, we reflect on Wisdom.

Wisdom, like knowledge, is a powerful tool acquired through experience and one's willingness to learn; however, without wisdom, knowledge is just facts and ideas. It takes wisdom to know what to do with those facts and ideas. Wisdom is the ability to build on knowledge by using true and right judgement along with being aware of how your actions may or may not affect the world around you.

Wisdom is something that grows with you as you age and cannot be taken away. It starts with learning from others, from your elders, friends and family, as well as from your education, from elementary through high school and on through college. Wisdom is a value that MacMurray College has always believed in and continues to instill within it's students.

Day 46: View from the Monster

July 16

Another road sign for you to enjoy on our way to Florida! 

MacNation Tour Week 6 in Review

July 15

This has been a crazy week! The RV gave us some trouble, but even with the sudden change in plans we haven't been stopped! 

At this point in the tour we've driven 10,971 miles, attended 20 alumni events and visited with 37 donors. Flat Mark was able to see the sights while we were going through Michigan and Ohio. He enjoyed a beautiful day at South Haven Riverfront, and then took a trip to the National Museum of the United States Air Force. As Flat Mark took his own adventures, we enjoyed the company of fellow Mac alumni at Sava's in Ann Arbor, Michigan and at Milestone 229 in Columbus, Ohio. Later in the week we were able to meet Mac alumna Christine Ebersole '75 before the showing of War Paint at Nederlander Theatre in New York City. 

Today we'll be meeting with alumni in Washington D.C. at Fiola Mare! 


Day 45: View from the Monster

July 15

MacNation made it to Washington D.C.!

A Night in New York

July 14

Last night we enjoyed an amazing event in New York! 

We went from having a delicious dinner at Gleason's Tavern to watching Christine Ebersole '75 and Patti LuPone in War Paint at Nederlander Theatre. 

The city at night is quite a lovely sight!

This weekend we'll be making our way to Washington D.C. 

The MacNation RV is made possible by a generous donation from Byerly RV Center of St. Louis, Missouri.  Hit the Road in Comfort!

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