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What a burger!

June 6

Today, Mark had his first Whataburger experience in Bastrop, Texas. 


You can't go to Texas and not try this Texas treasure! He loved it from the first bite! The amount of mustard that was carefully placed on the burger added to its perfection!


He loved it SO much he cried tears of joy as he explained to the manager, Alvin, that he has just now realized what good food tastes like.


I guess they don't call it "Whataburger" for nothin'! Texas, you know what you're talkin' about!



Day 6: View from the Monster

June 6

The Houston skyline looks great from the Michalson Monster. The traffic not so much, but the skyline looks great!

Day 5: View from the Monster

June 5

We had a great event last night in Tulsa, now onto the big state of Texas! We are passing over these interchanges on our way towards Dallas. Texas doesn't do anything small, do they? 

You know you're in Texas...

June 5

You know you’re in Texas when you see a Whataburger! The drive through Tennessee and Oklahoma went by so quickly, and on day five of our journey we’ve made it to The Lone Star State! 

Already we’ve met some amazing alumni in Tulsa and here in Houston! We’ve had the opportunity to talk with so many different people about their time at MacMurray and we could still see the twinkle in their eye when they spoke about their alma mater. Their love for MacMurray is undeniable and we are looking forward to all of the other stories from other alumni that have yet to be heard.

So far, the trip is still fresh and being on the road is still exciting! But relaxing at the RV park with the lights of Houston as our horizon is a good way to end a busy day.

Tomorrow the road will take us to Austin!

Day 4: View from the Monster

June 4

Good morning, MacNation! It's a beatiful morning here in Arkansas looking out from our campground. We will be on our way soon to the first alumni event of the MacNation Tour in Tulsa, Oklahoma!

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Finding friends on the road

June 3

Today we met Cindy! Cindy attended Hauppauge High School on Long Island during the same time that Mark was teaching Social Studies there. We just happened to be at the same Arkansas campground at the same time!

Day 3: View from the Monster

June 3

It's Day 3 on the road and the Michalson Monster is crossing the mighty Mississippi River from Tennesse to Arkansas.

Meet the co-driver: Steve Varble

June 2

My first co-driver on this journey is Steve Varble.

Steve lives in Jacksonville, IL and is very involved in the community. He is a freelance graphic designer and an experienced traveler. He helped design the wrap for the Michalson Monster and has played a big part in helping to form many of the creative aspects of the MacNation Tour.

Steve loves Diet Dr. Pepper and squirrels, and he wishes to be one someday.

I am thrilled that Steve is able to join me on this trip!

Day 2: View from the Monster

June 2

We are on the road and passing by The Arch in St. Louis, Missouri!

Day 1: View from the Monster

June 1

What a way to kick off the MacNation Tour! We sit outside the President's House on campus prepared for our eight-week trek around the country to "rally the alumni army."

I am very excited about the opportunity to see so many alumni and friends of the College this summer and hear their stories about why MacMurray College is such a special place to them.

The MacNation RV is made possible by a generous donation from Byerly RV Center of St. Louis, Missouri.  Hit the Road in Comfort!

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