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Bringing the Spirit back to campus

July 29

The last eight weeks have been spectacular! I am so amazed at the love, respect and loyalty that our alumni have for their alma mater.

Driving 14,169 miles allowed me to meet with so many alumni all over the country and I encountered the Spirit of MacNation multiple times along the way. I was especially excited to announce that I had brought that Spirit back to campus and introduced our new school mascot, "Mac the Highlander."

The MacNation Tour has re-energized MacMurray’s alumni and revitalized the College, and I look forward to seeing continuous growth and success at MacMurray College.

Adventures with Flat Mark in Tennessee

July 24

Today I got to see what life is like on a farm! However, Southwest Farms isn't your average farm. On top of having so many interesting animals, there was also a 50s diner! 

When I walked into the diner it felt like I was walking back in time! I wasn't alive in the 50s, but I imagine it would be a really cool decade to be alive during! 

I also became friends with so many animals! I even played on the playground with the goats! We tried to play tag, but the goats just kept trying to eat me. So I decided to spend time with the ponies instead!

I really enjoyed my day on the farm!



The Spirit of MacNation: Faith

July 23

Each Sunday’s post will be themed around one of MacMurray College’s six core values – Knowledge, Faith, Service, Wisdom, Duty, Reverence – that come together to create the Spirit of MacNation.

These values were adopted in 1955 when MacMurray established separate men’s and women’s colleges and were combined to became the core values for MacMurray College when the College became one in 1969.

Together these six core values define, inform, and guide the philosophy and work of the College and become the Spirit of MacNation.

Today, we reflect on Faith. 

MacMurray College has always understood the importance of Faith since it was founded in 1846 by the Illinois Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Its ties to the Methodist Church have always played a part in the traditions that have been passed down to its students since the beginning.

MacMurray College instills Faith in its students that the Knowledge, Service, Wisdom, Reverence, and Duty they gain while they are on campus are important values that they'll carry with them throughout their lives. They are values that will give them the insight they need to face any challenge that comes their way.

Hebrews 11:1 says, "Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see." So much that is related to MacMurray College and its community made up of students, alumni, faculty and staff has become evident through Faith.

Today, we can have the confidence that MacMurray College will be revitalized and given a new life, and we can have assurance about the influence and impact MacMurray has on the community around it and the Spirit of MacNation across the country.

Day 53: View from the Mini Monster

July 23

I spy with my little eye another state sign. 

Day 52: View from the Mini Monster

July 22

I wonder what's on the other side of that rainbow. Probably another stretch of that Georgia terrain. 

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MacNation Tour Week 7 in Review

July 22

This week was the last full week of the MacNation Tour. It's amazing how fast the time flew! Since June 1 I've driven 12,727 miles, crazily consumed 179 cups of coffee, attended 22 alumni events and made it to 41 donor visits.

I'm on the last leg of the tour as I make my way from Georgia through Tennessee and home to Illinois. It's been an amazing experience and a wonderful opportunity to travel the country and speak with so many alumni, students and friends of the College. I've met so many people within the MacMurray Community that have faith in the future of the College, and because of the love and adoration that so many have for MacMurray and its traditions I believe we are closer to the revitalization of the College.

I am happy that I can be a part of MacNation and all of the great work we are doing.


Letters from Alumni

July 21

As the MacNation Tour has been making its way across the country, President Mark Tierno has had the pleasure of meeting with hundreds of alumni and donors. The feedback we’ve received from many of those who have attended an event or visited with the President has been overwhelming, and the support we’ve received from our alumni all across the United States has allowed the MacNation Tour to successfully carry on both here in Jacksonville and on the road.

Recently, Stephen Seltzer '70 sent us an email about his meeting with President Tierno in North Carolina:


President Tierno, Jim Rayburn and I had a wonderful breakfast in Greensboro this morning. The Print Works Bistro was great! Our visit together was shorter than we had hoped as Dr. Tierno is driving a rental car and had to start his trek to Jacksonville, FL today while the Michalson Monster is still in dry dock. I had not seen Jim since I graduated in 1970 and now he lives just 2 hours from me. Jim and I plan to stay connected moving forward; this encounter with President Mark further reinforces my belief that he is leading us to where we need to be and I want to be part of making Mac great again. I am considering returning to Jacksonville in 9 days for the return of the Mac Monster and the tour wrap-up

Again I thank you for organizing the details of our breakfast as well as trouble-shooting multiple problems encountered on the MacNation Tour (which are standard on any cross-country trip of this nature).


We thank Steve for his thoughtful words and ask that other alumni send us feedback. We would enjoy hearing your thoughts about the MacNation Tour.


Day 51: View from the Mini Monster

July 21

I wonder if we'll see a lot of peach trees as we're driving through Georgia?

Adventures with Flat Mark in Florida Pt. 2

July 20

I am loving Florida! 

The beaches are lovely, the sunsets are beautiful, the people are nice and the hotels are so homey!

Mark and I started our day with breakfast at the Trianon Hotel! It was so delicious and they had Mark's favorite, coffee! Then we hit the road to head to the next hotel, Comfort Suites in Central Florida!

Once we settled in we decided to go for a relaxing swim, but before swimming Mark went over the rules with me. It was a good idea because I didn't think to shower before getting in the pool! I didn't even realize I was fully dressed! I almost got in the pool without changing into my swim trunks! 

Swimming sure did make me hungry, especially for barbecue! So Mark and I headed to the Lighthouse Point Grill where I met Crystal! I taught her my favorite dance called the "Hello Goodbye." She got the hang of it right away!

All of this fun in Florida is making me excited to see what Georgia is going to be like! 

Day 50: View from the Mini Monster

July 20

We spent some time exploring Naples, Florida today! 

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