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Cable Television

The campus CATV (Cable Television) system is an all-digital system which includes high-definition (HD) and some standard definition (SD) channels. In order to take full advantage, please be sure to bring a digital television with an integrated QAM tuner for use on campus. A digital television with an integrated QAM tuner enables it to receive digital cable channels directly without a set top box. If you are unsure if your television has a QAM tuner, please check the manufacturer or owner's manual.

To receive HD channels, you need a HD-compatible television.

Guide and Channel List

A complete list of available channels is in the table below.

Channel Station
4-1 MacMurray College
4-2 MacMurray College
34-1 ABC — WCIS HD
34-2 CBS — WCIA HD
35-1 NBC — WAND HD
35-2 FOX — WRSP HD
36-1 CW — WBUI HD
36-2 PBS — WSEC HD
37-1 CNN HD
37-2 HLN HD
38-2 CNBC HD
39-1 Fox News Channel HD
39-2 Bloomberg HD
40-1 C-SPAN
40-2 NASA
41-1 CMT HD
41-2 AXS HD
42-1 Fuse HD
42-2 VH1 HD
43-1 MTV HD
43-2 MTV2
44-1 Disney Channel HD
44-2 Disney XD
45-1 Nickelodeon HD
45-2 Teen Nick
46-1 Cartoon Network HD
46-2 E! Entertainment HD
47-1 Comedy Central HD
47-2 Animal Planet HD
48-1 Lifetime HD
48-2 We TV HD
49-1 Oxygen
49-2 Bravo HD
50-1 Cooking Channel HD
50-2 Food Network HD
51-1 HGTV HD
51-2 Syfy Channel HD
52-1 ION
52-2 Z Living HD
53-1 EWTN
53-2 Impact Network
54-1 TBN
54-2 TV Land
55-1 tru-TV HD
55-2 BET HD
56-1 A&E HD
56-2 USA Network HD
57-1 FX HD
57-2 Paramount Network HD
58-1 BBC America HD
58-2 Weather Channel HD
59-1 Travel Channel HD
59-2 TLC HD
60-1 Pursuit
60-2 History Channel HD
61-1 National Geographic HD
61-2 Discover Channel HD
62-1 Velocity HD
62-2 Freeform HD
63-1 Hallmark Channel HD
63-2 Hallmark Movies and Mysteries HD
64-1 POP TV
64-2 IFC HD
65-1 AMC HD
65-2 ReelzChannel
66-1 TBS HD
66-2 TNT HD
67-1 BigTen
67-2 Golf Channel HD
68-1 NBC Sports Network HD
68-2 Fox Sports 1 HD
69-1 Fox Sports 2 HD
69-2 FOX Sports midwest
70-1 NHL Network HD
70-2 NBA Network HD
71-1 MLB Network HD
71-2 NFL Network HD
72-1 ESPN HD
72-2 ESPN 2 HD
73-1 ESPNews HD
76-2 HBO Signature HD
77-1 HBO Comedy HD
77-2 HBO Family HD
78-1 5 Star Max HD
78-2 More Max

Channel Scan

Televisions need to go through a process called Channel Scan to allow them to receive the newer digital channels. Please follow the steps below to perform a channel scan.

  1. Go to the menu screen on the television.
  2. Find a section named "Channel" or "Setup"; select "Cable."
  3. Look for "Auto Channel Search" or "Channel Scan."
  4. Begin the search or scan for digital and analog channels. The scan can take up to 45 minutes. Allow the channel scan to complete since some channels are added right at the end.
  5. When complete, scroll through some channels to verify that there are digital channels.

Certain television brands sometimes come with a lower quality QAM tuner that may be unable to pick up all the digital channels. Users with less expensive brands such as Dynex and Insignia reported these types of problems.

External Converter Boxes

You can purchase an external QAM tuner conversion box, but it must be a conversion box that is compatible. NTSC and ATSC conversion boxes are not compatible. The following external tuner boxes have compatible QAM tuners that have been tested with the CATV system:

Once programmed, they receive all channels provided, including HD channels.

If you still have an analog/tube TV or digital television that does not includes an integrated QAM tuner you can continue to use it by purchasing a converter box.