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Congratulations to all of the winners of the Homecoming events and competitions!

Homecoming Court

Banner Decorating

Judges for the Banner Competition were


MacMurray Student Organization Float Competition winners were

Judges for the Student Organization Float Competition were

Band Competition winners are

Band competition judges were

MacMurray Student Life Sponsors of the parade and line up crew volunteers were

Drivers of the vehicles were

Special consideration in helping goes to Paul Fromme, Dave Barber, Nancy Wood, Steve Ham, Donna Staire '82 and Derek James for donating vehicles for distinguished members of the parade, Student Leaders, Officers of MSA and CAB for putting up the stakes on Friday, and to Judy Tighe of Main Street Jacksonville for arranging for announcers and the auctioneer truck.

If we've forgotten anyone, please accept our apologies. Thank you all for your time, enthusiasm, and support!


vs. Greenville College, WIN 59-46

Men's Soccer
vs. Greenville College, TIE 2-2

Women's Soccer
vs. Greenville College, LOSS 1-4