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Why I Give — Faculty and Staff

MacMurray faculty and staff loyally and proudly give to the campus to be a part of something bigger than themselves and to accomplish more together than anyone could do alone. The act of giving illustrates a commitment to the Mac mission and its vision for the future.

Guy Crumley, Former Director of Elementary Education

"Little elements of giving back can and do turn into big outcomes, and there are so many ways to give back."
- Guy Crumley '69

Photo of Guy Crumley.

It is a general understanding that most teachers are not in it for the glory but more for the opportunity of self-satisfaction through the success of other people. Guy Crumley, Former Director of Elementary Education for MacMurray College, is no exception to that. Through his experiences, moving from a MacMurray College student to what has been referenced by his students as a truly remarkable professor and friend has given Mr. Crumley a unique outlook of what it means to give back.

Mr. Crumley has been an educator for 48 years, 29 of which he has served here on campus. As Director of Elementary Education, he was hands-on with all his ELED majors from start to finish. His passion is working with the students and watching them grow into great educators. "I work with them for four years, and I get to see them grow from students into teachers. When I decide to retire, I think I am going to sit down and try to come up with a figure of all the students I have taught ... all the kids they have taught and see how many people's lives can be affected by one teacher. It is a great thing to be able to give back to the community that gave me so much as a college student."

Twenty-nine years of teaching is not the only way Mr. Crumley has affected the lives of MacMurray students. Guy is also a true believer in supporting MacMurray through different avenues of philanthropy and has done so since 1972. Currently, Mr. Crumley contributes regularly through monthly payroll deductions that are applied to the MacMurray General Annual Scholarship Fund, which supplies scholarships to deserving MacMurray students. In Guy's 39 years of giving back to Mac, he has not only given to the General Annual Scholarship Fund, but also to the General Operating Fund, Special Funds like the Henry Pfeiffer Library Fund and Campus Beautification Fund, and special solicitations like the bagpipe Special Appeals Fund. In total, Mr. Crumley has given to 12 different funds both separately and concurrently.

"I don't remember what originally started me to write the first check in 1972, but I know from being a MacMurray graduate to now a professor, I have a strong relationship with MacMurray and feel that all of her needs are important. Whether it is a unique need like the bagpipes, the Beautification Fund, or the General Annual Scholarship Fund, I know that they are all important to Mac. If there is a specific need outside of what I already give to, then I donate the extra money to help out. I find it a privilege to be able to help students both educationally as a professor and financially as a donor."

"It is the act of giving, not the size, that makes the difference. MacMurray College is a special place to me and the community, and it needs support. The support can come from many opportunities and to me, financially is the most immediate and important way I can help out." Mr. Crumley has proven, both through his years as an educator and his years as a donor, that giving back can come in different shapes and sizes, but Transforming Lives is a life-changing experience.

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