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Mac Made Me

In its 165 years, MacMurray College has worked to transform thousands of students into successful, charitable members of society. Although the campus has changed since it first opened its doors, today its seal of knowledge, faith, service, wisdom, duty, and reverence stands true. Each student takes a different part of MacMurray with them upon their departure; however, each student's memory respectively contributes to the history, vitality, and success of the College.

MacMurray knows that those cherished experiences and memories have made each one of its students who they are today.

Lila Underwood Judkins '36

Photo of Lila Underwood Judkins.

Lila Underwood Judkins has been giving back to MacMurray College for 53 years. She has decided to commemorate her 54th year in a special way.

The eldest of five children, raised in a parsonage, Lila came to MacMurray College for Women in 1932. Like many students of the time, she recognized the opportunity at hand and took advantage of her time at MacMurray — relishing campus living; joining the Belles Lettres society, the Home Economics Club, and Madrigals; and devouring her studies.

Upon graduating with a degree in vocational home economics in 1936, Lila took a teaching position at Roberts Township High School. Fresh from MacMurray, full of ambition and confidence, at the request of the State Office, she founded the department of home economics and helped write the official course of study for the state of Illinois.

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In the following years she embraced the home economics skills she honed at MacMurray in a much more personal way when she married Muryl Sturm and became a mother of two sons. After her young husband purchased the local drug store, Lila, a forward thinker, embarked on a new career as the area pharmacist. She commuted over 200 miles each week to attend a private pharmacy school in Chicago, then apprenticed to the former owner, and became one of the first three women to be a registered pharmacist in the state of Illinois. When the family pharmacy closed in 1971, she took advantage of her newly-freed schedule and used her time to serve the surrounding communities' pharmacies as a part-time relief pharmacist, which she continued for 17 years.

As a couple, Lila and Muryl were active volunteers in their community, showing their steadfast commitment to serving others. When Muryl passed away after 47 years of marriage, Lila established an educational endowment fund in his memory.

Lila was blessed to find love again in her life, marrying Wallace Judkins just after her retirement in 1988. Wallace shared Lila's spirit of giving, and together they continued to offer support to those in need. A particularly notable example was the building of a Methodist church in Zimbabwe, which officially opened on January 11, 1998.

MacMurray College served as a pillar in the foundation upon which Lila continues to build her life. In 2006, Lila was honored by her alma mater and the MacMurray College Alumni Association as the 2006 Distinguished Alumni Award recipient. She continues to embrace the College's motto of knowledge, faith, and service. The daughter of a clergyman, she attended MacMurray thanks in part to scholarships, loans, and a position in the Henry Pfeiffer Library.

Recognizing the support that made her education possible and wanting to affirm her commitment to the College, Lila made arrangements long ago to include MacMurray in a bequest. With the support of her family, in her 54th year of giving to MacMurray, Lila decided to alter her plans. Instead of including the College in her will, she contacted MacMurray and created the Lila Underwood Judkins '36 Scholarship Fund, a fund that will assist in enabling the daughter of a current clergyman to receive a MacMurray education. Through her generosity, a young woman who may not have otherwise been able to afford a private, liberal arts education will enroll at MacMurray this fall and Lila will see first-hand how her generosity helps transform a life.

Lila Underwood Judkins, Class of 1936, MacMurray College thanks you!

Dr. Kris Tumilowicz '75

Photo of Dr. Kris Tumilowicz.

A 1975 MacMurray College graduate, Dr. Kris Tumilowicz has practiced dentistry in northern Illinois for over 30 years. During his time at MacMurray, Dr. Tumilowicz took full advantage of the college experience participating in Madrigals, Choir, MacMurray Student Association, CAB, and, as a multi-sport athlete, he became a Varsity "M" member.

In addition to building and maintaining his successful practice, Dr. Tumilowicz is an active member of his community and continues to be grateful for the opportunity to attend MacMurray College.

As a member of the Harker Associates Club, he annually reaffirms his commitment to making a MacMurray College education possible for future generations.

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  • Name: Dr. Kristoffer J. Tumilowicz
  • Occupation: Dentist/owner, Dental Dimensions Ltd.
  • Major/Minor: Chemistry/Pre-Dental 3-2 Program
  • Class Year: 1975
  • Biggest Influence at MacMurray College: Music & Liberal Arts (There's more to life than test tubes and laboratory results.)
  • Most memorable experience in a class: Russian language class with Professor Victor Afanasief.
  • The first people I met at Mac: My fellow residents at Michalson.
  • I live by the Highlander philosophy by: Service to others, both patients and community.
  • Fondest Mac Memories: Madrigal performance at Governor's Mansion; soccer games; track meets; and choir tours to New York, Florida, New Orleans, and Colorado.
  • Being a MacMurray College graduate means to me: Well-educated, with diverse experience.
  • Favorite professor: Dr. Charles Fisher
  • I am inspired by: Those who provide education and experience, especially outside the classroom.
  • How and why I give to MacMurray College: The accelerated program gave me a jumpstart into dental school. Along the way, I experienced a safe, exciting environment with a vast array of student life activities. Young students should have the same opportunities I had, and I know MacMurray will continue to provide that same experience.