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MAP Grant Announcements

Current Status of MAP Grant Funding

As the State of Illinois remains in a budget impasse, previously promised student aid programs, including the Monetary Award Program (MAP) Grant, continue to be delayed. MacMurray College is unable to disburse to student accounts external funding which it has not received. Currently, we are not asking students to pay the difference and the College will continue to show MAP Grants on each MAP recipient's account as "pending aid" for both the 2016-17 and 2017-18 academic years.

Lawmakers in Springfield are not discussing de-funding MAP grants. MAP funding is delayed as a result of a political dispute regarding the State Budget. MAP grants are not the cause of the delay; rather, the dollars funding for MAP Grants actually have been set aside, but the release of these funds is being delayed by the budget dispute between the Democrats and Republicans in Springfield.

What impact will the delay in MAP Grant funding have on MacMurray students?

Mac students who are MAP recipients will not be directly impacted by the State's delay in releasing the MAP funds. Registration, diplomas and transcripts will not be impacted for students who have account balances caused by delayed MAP Grant funding.

What should MAP Grant recipients do at this time?

Continue to write, email, and call your representatives explaining how the MAP grant impacts your ability to pay for higher education and your future success. Personal stories can often go a long way, and the more students and families who contact the legislators, the more pressure they will feel to act. Find a legislator. Please remember to contact your state representatives, not your U.S. congress representative.

In addition to contacting the state representative and state senator who represent your home district, all MacMurray students who are MAP recipients are encouraged to contact our local state representative, C.D. Davidsmeyer, and our local state senator, Sam McCann, in whose districts MacMurray College is located. Tell them both your personal story and urge them to support the release of MAP funding. Representative Davidsmeyer can be contacted by telephone at 217-243-6221 or by email at Senator McCann can be contacted at 217-245-0050 or by email at

MacMurray College is participating in a mail campaign to all the senators and representatives on the behalf of our students. Approximately 250 MacMurray students qualify for almost $1 million in MAP grant funding for the 2016-17 academic year.

Additional questions?

Contact One-Stop Student Services at 217-479-7041 or via email to discuss your particular student account and options. We always also encourage students to search for additional private grants and scholarships; please visit our private scholarships page for more information.