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Hermeneutics and Postmodernity:


a. What is Postmodernity?

1. "The Scope of Hermeneutics, the Problem of Critique, and the Crisis of Modernity," Texte: Review de critique et de théorie littéraire, Nº 3 (1984): 223-39.

2. "Expostulations on the Postmodern Turn," Krisis, 2 (1984): 140-49. For later publication add Habermas, Derrida, Caputo, Madison, Bruns, Grondin, etc.

3. "Quest for a Concept of Postmodernity: Meditation on ‘Hermeneutics’ and ‘Postmodernity,’ " Krisis, 3-4 (1985): 9-21. A paper originally presented at a conference on postmodernism held at Cérisy-la-Salle, France, September 4-11, 1983.

b. The Postmodern Turn and Hermeneutics

4. "Hermeneutic Phenomenology as Foundation for a ‘Postmodern’ Philosophy of Literary Interpretation" Cultural Hermeneutics, 1 (Summer 1973): 207-23. An early vision of what hermeneutics could mean for literary criticism.

5. "The Postmodern Turn in Philosophy of Interpretation," Journal of the Illinois Speech and Theater Association, 28 (Fall 1974): 1-6. Early.

6. "Seven Versions of Postmodern,"originally published as "Postmodernity and Hermeneutics,"Boundary 2, 5.2 (Winter 1977): 363-93.

7. "Toward a Postmodern Hermeneutics of Performance," in Performance in Postmodern Culture, ed. Michel Benamou and Charles Caramello. Published by the Center for Twentieth Century Studies of the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee. Madison: Coda Press, 1978, pp. 19-33. Subsequently translated into Italian as "Verso un’ermeneutica postmodern della performance," by Peter Carravetta, for Postmoderno e letteratura: Percorsi e visioni della critica in America, ed. Peter Carravetta and Paolo Spedicato. Milan: Bompiani, 1984, pp. 259-71.

c. The Postmodernity of Nietzsche and Heidegger

8. "Toward a Postmodern Interpretive Self-Awareness," Journal of Religion, 15 (July 1975): 313-26. [On Nietzsche] In a special issue devoted to hermeneutics.

9. "Nietzsche and the Project of a Postmodern Hermeneutics," Krisis, 4-5 (1986-87): 3-19. Combine with previous article?

10. "The Postmodernity of Heidegger," boundary 2: a journal of postmodern literature 4.2 (Winter 1976): 411-432.

11. "Hints for/of a Postmodern Hermeneutics in Heidegger’s Was heißt Denken?" pp. 157-210 in Hermeneutic Phenomenology: Lectures and Essays 1988, ed. Joseph J. Kockelmans. Current Continental Research 012, Center for Advanced Research in Phenomenology. Washington, D.C.: University Press of America, 1988.

12. "The Postmodernity of Derrida." Unpublished paper presented at the University of Dallas in 1992.

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