The 9 chapters in my Nine Taipei Lectures of May-June, 2004,

Why Gadamer's Hermeneutical Philosophy is Alive and Important Today Worldwide,


  1. What Philosophical Hermeneutics Offers Us Today, pp. 1-24
  2. An Unconventional History of Hermeneutics in the West, pp. 25-50
  3. On the Early Heidegger, with a Glance Back at Schleiermacher & Dilthey, pp. 51-74
  4. A Reading of Heidegger's "The Origin of the Work of Art" (1936), pp. 75-88
  5. Anticipations of Gadamer's Hermeneutics in Plato, Aristotle, Hegel, in relation to his key essay, "The Relevance of the Beautiful," 89-112
  6. The Original Purpose of Gadamer's Truth and Method (1960), pp. 113-22
  7. The Universal Process of Understanding: Seven Key Terms, pp. 123-142
  8. What Happens When One Reads a Classic Text, 7 Key Terms, pp. 142-162
  9. Gadamer's Achievement in Philosophy: Twenty Statements, pp. 163-167