by Richard E. Palmer (and others)
Emeritus Professor of Philosophy and Religion
Scholar in Residence
MacMurray College
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In the above photo taken by Etsuro Makita Hans-Georg Gadamer is shown on the left and Richard Palmer is on the right. Richard Palmer has studied with Hans-Georg Gadamer for a total of four years. The contact started in 1965 and has continued until Gadamer's death in 2002. In 1999 Palmer retired from MacMurray College to devote himself to translating and writing about the works and hermeneutical philosophy of Hans-Georg Gadamer.
bulletAdditional photos of Richard Palmer and Gadamer

Picture of Hans-Georg Gadamer with Jürgen Habermas.


bulletAdditional photos of Jürgen Habermas and Gadamer


Picture of Hans-Georg Gadamer.

Picture of Hans-Georg Gadamer with William John Richardson (Boston College), Istvan Feher (Hungry), and Etsuro Makita (Science University of Tokyo).




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