Richard E. Palmer

Emeritus Professor of Philosophy and Religion
Hermeneutics Scholar in Residence
MacMurray College
Jacksonville, Illinois

Richard Palmer has lectured on and written about hermeneutics (theory of understanding and interpretation) for more than three decades. His introduction to the subject, Hermeneutics: Interpretation Theory in Schleiermacher, Dilthey, Heidegger, and Gadamer (Evanston: Northwestern University Press, 1969), 283pp., has become a standard text and is translated into at least six languages.  


His four years of postdoctoral study in Heidelberg, Germany, with Hans-Georg Gadamer arescattered over four decades, from 1965 to 1996 and include two Fulbright Grants in the nineties. These have been the foundation for the dozens of articles and translations gathered together here. A high-point in his career was participating in a seminar with Martin Heidegger in 1965 followed by a three-hour dinner conversing with him about his works and life after the war.

In 1999 Palmer retired to devote himself to translating and writing about the works and hermeneutical philosophy of Hans-Georg Gadamer. The two books are Gadamer in Conversation: Reflections and Commentary which contains three conversations with Carston Dutt, plus three other conversations with Glenn Most, Alfons Grieder, and Dörte von Westernhagen, edited and translated by Richard E. Palmer (New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 2001), 174pp., and A Gadamer Reader: A Bouquet of the Later Writings, edited by Richard E. Palmer (Evanston: Northwestern University Press, 2007), 479pp.

This webpage makes available for the first time,

  1. a list of the books, articles, and translations of Richard Palmer, both published and forthcoming,
  2. biographical information,
  3. personal photos of Gadamer with some of his leading interpreters,
  4. links,
  5. a thematic collection of Palmer's articles on the theme of The Scope of Hermeneutics
  6. a thematic collection of his articles on the theme of Hermeneutics and Postmodernity,
  7. a table of contents for a six-volume anthology of essays, a hermeneutics compendium, and
  8. the full text of the following five articles by Richard Palmer:
bullet"On the Liminality of Hermes and the Meaning of Hermeneutics"
bullet"The Relevance of Gadamer's Philosophical Hermeneutics to 36 Topics or Fields of Human Activity" (1999 unpublished lecture)
bullet"The Turn Towards Postmodern Thinking" (Postmodern Conference for MacMurray College Faculty, May 2001) 
bullet"How Hans-Georg Gadamer offers openings to a postmodern perspective" (Postmodern Conference for MacMurray College Faculty, May 2001)          
bullet"The Truth we Need to Encounter: That Understanding Understanding is Key!"  

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