Picture of Ben Perkins '18

Ben Perkins '18
Criminal Justice Online Major
Security Manager at HSHS St. John's/ Military Veteran

"I am appreciative of the instructors at Mac. They have challenged me... I am glad that I have taken it on, and I’m glad I did it with MacMurray!"

Picture of Rev. Beth Fender '91

Rev. Beth Fender '91
Elementary Education

"I fell in love with the welcoming ‘Mac Fam’"

Picture of Betty Lowell Cottle, Ph.D. '45

Betty Lowell Cottle, Ph.D. '45
Chemistry Major
Retired Physician

"Graduating from MacMurray, which was unknown back east, and to be a female and to get into medical school was a real accomplishment."

Picture of Rev. Bill & Carol Lakota-Eastin '78

Rev. Bill & Carol Lakota-Eastin '78
Bill is retired and Carol is superintendent of Kaskaski River district

"We have always cherished our formative years at MacMurray"

Picture of Jeff Davidsmeyer '85

Jeff Davidsmeyer '85
Music Major
President of IRC

"MacMurray made me a well-rounded individual and helped me to continue to improve myself."

Picture of Katrina Todd Boldin '91

Katrina Todd Boldin '91
Social Work Major
Author/ Social Worker

"The professors and staff pushed me to want to be the difference in somebody else’s life like the way they made a difference in my life."

Picture of Robin Whitlock '68

Robin Whitlock '68
Philosophy and Religion

"Mac gave me a broad education that has, to this day, been helpful in my preaching, teaching and just being able to talk with people."

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