Nick Newton '18

Business Administration and Accounting

Before he started his internship at Illinois National Bank in Springfield, Illinois, Nick Newton, a double major in business and accounting, wasn’t sure what to expect but was ready to dive in. 
“I had a broad view of everything and I was just kind of ready to go in,” he said. “I knew I was going to learn a lot from a lot of people, and I was ready to expand my horizons and really see what the working world was all about.”

Newton worked in the bank’s commercial lending department doing credit analysis for people who wanted to take out loans. His experiences within the classroom helped to prepare him extensively for the work he would do outside of the classroom at INB. 

“Everything I learned in accounting lined up perfectly. I found myself being able to understand everything pretty well,” Newton said. “What I’ve learned here at Mac makes me qualified to be doing what I’m doing. I was not totally lost.”

Surprisingly, finding out that he actually knew what he was doing was one of the most important things that he learned from the internship. “I went in expecting that I wasn’t really going to know what I was doing, I was nervous about that,” Newton said. “I found out that I learned a lot from all my classes at Mac and I was able to apply those skills in the work place.”

Newton said that networking is a big part of an internship and he would advise students to take advantage of meeting new people. “I feel like a big part of the world today is knowing people and being able to reach out and make the right connections,” Newton said. “Everybody knows somebody so if you can get your name out there and make a connection with somebody, then that person might know somebody in a different field and it might open up opportunities that you weren’t originally thinking about.”  

Gaining experience is also key. “Every job I have looked at wants experience,” Newton said. “And an internship can give you that experience you need to land a job right out of college.”

Newton came to MacMurray his sophomore year when Benedictine University closed in Springfield. “I luckily had met Coach (Justin) Fuhler the year prior playing on a summer baseball team with him, so I decided to come over here. I made the right choice. I’ve learned a lot, and everything happens for a reason, so I think it’s led me down a pretty good path.”

After his experience at INB, his desire to go into accounting was affirmed. “I really enjoyed working with the people and working with the kind of work I had to do.”

Now that he has graduated, Newton is working full-time at INB and eventually plans on getting his CPA. “I’m really excited to start my career there and hopefully it leads me to great places.” 

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