Kendall Lustik '21

Biology (Pre-Veterinary)

Kendall Lustik ’21 is a biology (pre-veterinary) major at MacMurray College. Lustik chose MacMurray because she had the opportunity to play volleyball and she liked that the small campus had a close-knit, family feel. “I chose Mac first and foremost because I got a chance to continue to play volleyball, which I never even thought was possible!” Lustik said. “Second was the environment and look of campus because everyone embodied this sense of family which made it easy for me to make that transition into college life.”

Not only is Lustik part of the volleyball team, but she is also a member of the Campus Activities Board (CAB) and the president of Biology Club, which she was able to start up again with the help of Dr. Kristie Wrasman, assistant professor of biology, and Kala Wahl, lab coordinator. While a member of these organizations, she has learned a lot about working with others, how to make a project successful, and they’ve also helped to build her confidence. “CAB is fun because it gave myself and others a chance to create and host events for other students and help everyone come together,” Lustik said. “This year, a few biology students and I have restarted Biology Club. It’s taught me to be confident in my authority, always do what is best for everyone in the club and how to delegate responsibilities to other members in order to have successful events.”

Lustik is currently working on her internship at the local Hometown Veterinary Clinic. Before starting her internship, she expected to work hard and learn new things every day, learning about the different equipment and gaining skills the vets use. The biggest challenges that she has faced during her internship were when she had to put down a senior pet as well as having to save and help animals that are severely sick or injured. She’s also been able to apply the knowledge she’s gained from her cellular biology course and labs at the local vet clinic. Lustik notes, “A lot of the cellular biology that I learned helped me to understand some of the tech-related to genetics, etc. Doing labs has helped prepare me for the proper use/maintenance of microscopes. And let me tell you, when I found out I would be gram staining again, I was very excited!”

While at Hometown Veterinarian Clinic, Lustik has learned how all dog breeds have different alignments, general practice skills and how to run general tests. She is hoping to apply these new skills while in vet school. This internship has helped Lustik learned several things about herself – she’s realized that she is very suited for a job working with animals, and that she has the skills to succeed as long as she is motivated and keeps working hard. This internship has helped her commit to her major, and she notes, “My internship has definitely cemented my goal of becoming a vet.”

To current and future students, Lustik advises, “I would say look at all possible options because you’ll be more likely to get an internship somewhere if you have a large pool to choose from (and make sure you go in to inquire for an internship far in advance than when you would like to intern). Also try to do research on the internship site before you go in for an interview, because this will make you seem more invested and make it more likely that they will hire you.”

After graduating, Lustik plans on attending graduate school to study veterinary medicine.