Joe Squillace, Ph.D.

Lead Faculty for Social Work, Professor of Social Work

Dr. Joseph Squillace is the Lead Faculty for Social Work and a Professor of Social Work at MacMurray College since June of 2011. He has a long and successful career behind him. Squillace received his Bachelor of Arts and Philosophy from Fordham University. He also later received his Master of Social Work degree and Doctor of Philosophy and Public Policy Analysis from St. Louis University. He began his career in 1997 in St. Louis where he was the director of Landlord-Tenant Hotline, Housing Comes First. However, he did not get his first teaching job until 2001 at St. Louis Community College at Meramec. Also during this time, he was the Chief Operating Officer at Positive Family Enterprise Incorporated. In 2001-2010, he became an adjunct professor at St. Louis University School of Social Work and later became an Assistant Clinical Professor at the same institution. Around the same time, he was an adjunct faculty at Washington University George Warren Brown School of Social Work. Before arriving at MacMurray, he was an assistant clinical professor at St. Louis University, School of Social Work. Squillace has published a book titled A History of Morgan County Poorhouse and Farm in 2017, along with multiple peer reviewed documents.  

Squillace is able to use his professional experience in the classroom by actively mix the liberal arts, academic development and professional practice experiences into the curriculum “as to develop well-rounded practitioners for our field”. He gets his students involved by lecturing in the present to provide foundational knowledge. He states, “the classroom has become more interactive with open questioning, small group meetings, and discussion of application to the “real world.”  Squillace interacts and manages his classroom by requiring that him and his student engage in one on one meetings to assess progress and passions in the field. This ensures that the students are involved in modeling “various behaviors required in their profession – active listening, appropriate body language, a love for discovery and academic pursuits, and care for the individual.” Squillace also adds that the size of Mac helps with professors being able to have direct access to students.

When asked why he loves Mac, Squillace has a detailed response. Being that he has taught at many other institutions, he says Mac is like a dream. He enjoys getting to know his students, and develop life-long relationships with them. Squillace gets the chance to watch them grow into mature practicing professionals in this profession, and then into further advancement in agencies and Master degrees. In short he says it is a privilege to be at Mac. “I actively work with other staff and faculty to determine what is best for students, and being small, we can tailor their education in a personal way.”

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