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Photo of students working in the Learning Center.

Tutoring is not just for students struggling with their academics!

Tutoring is available for free to all MacMurray students in the Center for Learning Excellence.

Professional Tutoring

The Assistant Director of the Center for Learning Excellence is a highly trained, MacMurray College degree holding, professional tutor, capable of tutoring a wide array of subjects as well as offering assistance with study skills, text anxiety, avoiding plagiarism, research tips, learning styles, reading for comprehension, and much more. The Assistant Director's office is located in the Learning Center, and she is available from 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. either by appointment or drop-in. Professional math and writing tutors are also available. See scheduled times in the Learning Center.

Peer Tutoring

Trained peer tutors are also available in the Learning Center. Peer tutors are carefully selected and trained to provide assistance to students in a variety of ways. Peer tutors have specific scheduled times of availability. Please see their schedule in the Learning Center.

Study Groups

Study groups are a great way for students to improve their success especially in challenging courses. Students can compare notes, get more in-depth understanding of course topics, benefit from classmates' experiences, and gain support for test preparation. They can have regularly scheduled meeting times each week for regular preparation and studying or they can meet just for test preparation. An added benefit is the opportunity to work with other students that have the same interests that you do! The Center for Learning Excellence can assist with the organization and facilitation of study groups. Call or stop in for assistance.

Tutoring and Study Groups Schedule (subject to changes)

Last updated: August 2, 2017