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Study Groups

Why Join a Study Group?

Forming study groups is a great way to improve your academic performance. This is true because all of the members bring different strengths. One student may be a good note taker while another may be a good listener. You are able to benefit by comparing notes and reviewing them together to improve your grasp of the material. Below are some other reasons to join a study group.

Photo of a study group.

Forming Study Groups

There are a couple of ways to form a study group. You can ask persons in your class if they want to form a study group or you can enlist the help of your professor to ask the whole class who would be interested in joining. The Center for Learning Excellence can also be of help forming a study group! Just let us know what subject you would like to have a study group for, and we'll do the rest! We can even help you get your group off to a great start by giving you tips for a successful study group and alerting you to the possible pitfalls some study groups encounter. Contact us for more information.

Last updated: August 2, 2017