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Why Become a Tutor?

Photo of a cake celebrating our tutors.

One of the best ways to learn something well is to explain it to someone else. You'll find gaps in your own understanding that you didn't know were there, and you'll find ways to fill them in. You'll see topics from someone else's point of view, and thus come to understand more aspects of the subject. It looks great on a résumé too! While tutoring is appealing to many students, those wishing to become teachers will find the experience particularly helpful. Plus, you get real job experience related to your career!

Tips for Tutors

Tutoring Policies

Tutors may help students with

Tutors may not help students with

At the end of every tutoring session, be certain that the student leaves with the product of his/her own work.

Tutor Training

All peer tutors will participate in Tutor Training. The training consists of an online part accompanied by a training workshop. The training is supervised by the Assistant Director of the Center for Learning Excellence.

Last updated: August 2, 2017