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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What help can I get from a Learning Center tutor?

A: Learning Center tutors can help with assignments in most subject areas and can help you improve your study skills, time management, reading, and test anxiety.

Q: Why do we have to sign in and out of the Learning Center?

A: Students are required to sign in and out of the Center so that we can track when we have the highest usage to be sure we have the most help available at those times. It also helps if faculty are giving credit for using the CLE as we can run reports to let them know that their students have attended and whether or not they have seen a tutor. It is just another way to evaluate our services and improve our service to students.

Q: If I am tutored, will everyone think I am dumb?

A: Of course not! Tutoring turns Bs into As! Why be satisfied with a B when you can earn an A? Many students get help, some on a one-time "I don't get this chapter" basis, while others come every week. In fact, many tutors tutor each other.

Q: Do you have access to databases?

A: You can access databases through the library website. Please read at least two paragraphs before you print your article to make sure it is what you need. Don't kill any more trees than you have to!

Q: How often are Learning Center tutors available?

A: There is a professional tutor available nearly every hour we are open. In addition, we have trained peer tutors. Please check in the Center for subjects tutored and times available. Subject-area tutors are there to supplement the help that is available from the instructor and any departmental tutors. Their services are provided free for all MacMurray students.

Q: What is the most difficult problem other students have had?

A: Even the best help isn't as effective when you wait until the night or the hour before the test or due date. Come early!

Q: Who can use the computers?

A: They are available for any Mac students. Professors can reserve the machines for a class project. We do ask that you read and follow the Computer Usage Policy in the Maggie (PDF).

Q: Which study skills can I review?

A: We can go over time management, stress reduction, and test anxiety. If you want someone to quiz you from your review sheet or flash cards, we would be glad to do that as well. Subject-area tutors can help you with these skills as they apply to the subject.

Q: Who can help me with my Composition or VCON assignments?

A: Learning Center tutors can assist you.

Q: May I study quietly or meet my friends here for a study group?

A: Yes! Please review in quiet voices, though, so that those who need quiet can have it. Remind us if you are studying and we get too loud.

Q: How can I be a tutor?

A: You have to model good study habits by earning a 3.0 or higher GPA. You have to have the recommendation of your departments and you need to speak with the director of the center. The office is in the Learning Center.

Q: How do I start a study group?

A: We can help! Let us know the course name and section and we can set a time and place and announce it to the class. We can also help facilitate the group so that you can get the most out of your study time.

Last updated: August 2, 2017