Study Abroad in Canterbury - Week 6

October 31, 2019 | 10:00 AM
Dr. Joseph Squillace, Director and Associate Professor, Social Work Program

The students all had “half term” here, which is basically the same as “fall break” in the States. It provides Study Abroad students the opportunity to travel to new places and witness the diversity that Europe has to offer. They definitely made plans to travel all over!

Before their travels, I asked the students to take the time to observe everything, yet pay attention to detail, for there is beauty and art there. My words to the students the week before were:

See, rather than look.

Walk not just in space, but in time.

They are learning not to simply be American tourists – viewing everything through their smartphones so they can show their friends on social media – but they’re also developing an appreciation and respect for this journey they are on, for the people they meet, the history that surrounds them, and the opportunities they have before them which are not available in the States. Thus, for this week’s assignment, I asked them to reflect (write a journal entry) on their week traveling or to draw something, in order to take the time to pay attention to detail and to see the aesthetics in what they are experiencing in the detail. They all did an amazing job, so I thought I would summarize their half term break by sharing their thoughts, pictures, and/or artwork.

Brooklyn Allen ’20 - Psychology major

Brooke traveled to Scotland, Liverpool and Dublin. She says traveling alone or with few friends is a “taste” of adulthood – having to navigate public transportation, including the underground subway system, lodging and unfamiliar places – but there is an incredible freedom, independence and development of confidence in doing so. She’s learning lessons about the art of travel and has recognized the importance of good planning!






Ali Morton ’20 - Psychology major

Ali traveled to Paris, Dublin and Galway! She also spent some time back in Canterbury, which is now like our home away from home. She and the other students have fallen in love with the food at a restaurant called Pork & Co, especially for their Mac & Cheese combos. While there, Ali fell in love with the décor of the place, so she drew a picture of the shelf which contains old vinyl records.





Ashley Wittekind ’20 - Psychology major

Ashley visited Dublin and Galway, Ireland. She visited Phoenix Park in Dublin and fell in love with this poem (pictured) in the Garden of Remembrance, a place that memorializes all those who gave their lives for the cause of Irish independence. The sign is both in French and English.





Peyton Spitzner ’20 - Biology & Pre-Physician Assistant major

Peyton visited Dublin and Galway, Ireland. She was stirred by the Papal Cross in Phoenix Park in Dublin. This is her drawing of it, which captures the beauty and the contrast.






Luis Carbajal ’20 - Psychology & Pre-Occupational Therapy major  &

Ezechukwu Nwagbarajii ’19 - Criminal Justice major

Luis and ‘EZ’ traveled to Ibiza, Spain, and Milan, Italy for half term with other friends they’ve met here at Canterbury Christ Church University. They were both moved by the beauty of Ibiza – the beaches, sunsets, challenges of traveling and the importance of friendships. They both drew pictures of Ibiza. 






Megan Evans ’20 - Social Work major

Meg traveled to Scotland with her family and spent time in London, too. She drew a picture of one perspective of the Edinburgh Castle because “I remember looking out and feeling amazed by how big and little everything seemed from that point of view.”






Ravin Kibbons ’19 - Psychology major

Ravin spent time with her mom and best friend in Paris, London and Canterbury. She is having a great experience and enjoys Canterbury, so she drew a picture of the Norman wall surrounding the city, with the Cathedral in the background. Very good detail and perspective!






Lastly, Cody Zulkowski ’20 is not featured here this week, because he wrote the awesome blog about the Castles they visited! So here’s just a picture of Cody and myself (Dr. S), and make sure to check out Cody’s adventures from last week:

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