India - Day 3

January 9, 2019 | 11:59 PM
Alexia Helmer, Communications & Web Content Coordinator

This morning we began our day with a historical tour of Ahmedabad. As we walked around the city, we saw the Sidi Saeed Mosque, Bhadra Towers, the Three Gates, Ahmed Shah’s (Ahmedabad’s founder) Tomb and the tomb of his queens. Amongst the many historical buildings in Ahmedabad are the markets that line the streets. We had the opportunity to try fresh squeezed sugarcane juice as well as different types of foods that were for sale.

Afterwards, we stopped at the Blind People’s Association. While there, we learned about how the association assists the blind and disabled, especially in the many different ways that they teach them skills to make money. We saw blind and disabled persons working at the in-house printing press, some were making wheel chairs and others were learning computer skills.

Then, the students had the job of helping prepare care packages for the leprosy colony in Ahmedabad. The colony was started in 2013 by Jayanand who felt the need to give those with leprosy a place to belong and be loved, and he uses his earnings from driving a rickshaw to support the colony. It currently houses 20 families and a total of 40 people living in the colony are affected by leprosy. The children, none of which have leprosy, live with their parents and even attend school there. We helped take care packages to the colony and took turns giving one package to each one of the families. Their excitement to see us was felt by each person, and our hearts were warmed by the love and hospitality they shared with us during our visit.

Our days are going by quickly and each one is filled with something new that none of us has ever experienced before.

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