Campus Services You Can Count On

September 26, 2019 | 3:30 PM
Natasha Wright '22, Social Work Major

We are fortunate enough to have resources right here on campus that empower us, as students, to succeed. Any service you can think of, Mac can provide! From academic support to social support, there is a place for you to get what you need. There are two main locations for support on campus, the Henry Pfeiffer Library and Gamble Campus Center.

The Henry Pfeiffer Library is located right in the heart of Mac’s campus. Our library has several different academic resources located inside its walls. Beginning with our librarians, Adam Cassell and Kate Lawson assist with digital literacy. They can help with class presentations, web design, data visualizations and understanding software. Adam and Kate also provide research support. If you’re having issues with resources or need assistance with researching any information, Adam and Kate are there to help. Their services are accessible to all levels of students in any class and can be used either by just dropping in or setting up an appointment via email.



Another resource located in the library is The Office of Disability Services. This office provides accommodations to promote success for students on campus with disabilities or limitations. Misty Eisfelder is the director of Disability Services and she loves helping students thrive during their time at Mac. Students needing disability services must apply and fill out the appropriate forms to receive assistance.




Up the winding stairs of the library is where the Center for Learning Excellence (CLE) is located. This space provides tons of resources and academic support for all Mac students. Not only is the staff that runs the CLE amazingly supportive and encouraging, but they also work hard every day to assist students in reaching and exceeding their goals at Mac. Services offered at the CLE include tutoring in any subject, time management and study tips, and every other aspect of being a prepared college student that you don’t learn in the classroom. The most commonly used service is writing assistance. According to data collected by the CLE, 60% of the services used by students involves help with writing - including me! Using the CLE for help on a paper can improve a paper by 1 – 2 letter grades, or as Jenny likes to say, “Why settle for a B when you can earn an A?” Or, if you just want to get out of your dorm room to study or work on homework, you can head up to the CLE to do just that in an environment that promotes and encourages learning. On a personal note, Jenny and Tasha both take pride in assisting students in the CLE and watching students succeed at our school is very important to them. As a student, you can feel how much they actually care about you and your academic success, which makes all the difference for me. You can drop in to get help with any of these areas or email Tasha Amore or Jenny Briney to set up an appointment.

After a quick jog across the soccer field, we enter the Gamble Campus Center. This building is home to Career Services and the Student Life offices. Located on the second floor, Career Services offers support in exactly what you think – your (future) career! Through this office, students can begin networking in their desired field, gain interview tips, master a handshake and receive resume support. Anne Godman provides great assistance with all things career-related. Appointments for Career Services can be made by emailing Anne or stopping by her office.




Last, but not least, is Student Life. This space has multiple areas of assistance for any and all students' needs on campus. From religious life to activity involvement to residence life to health services, Student Life has you covered. The services offered here round out the rest of your college experience outside of the classroom. For help or assistance, just drop in and Bambi Rockwell, the glue of Student Life, will guide you to the right person in their office.




Luckily you can stop in and talk to any of these offices about anything going on throughout your Mac career and I know that they will point you in the right direction. These resources on campus all have the same goal: to see students succeed. Students, faculty and staff alike all work together as the #MacFam so every student can grow, thrive and succeed here at MacMurray!

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