20 Tips You Need to Survive College

September 18, 2019 | 12:32 PM
Jayla Wilson '22, Psychology Major

  1. Get to Know Your Campus

Get to know the staff and faculty around campus as well as the facilities. (I highly suggest memorizing the dining services hours.)

  1. Get Involved

Join the clubs you’re interested in and don’t be afraid to #getinvolved on campus.

  1. Make New Friends

Take every opportunity you can to meet new people, many of them you’ll end up having for life.

  1. Build Relationships with Your Professors

They’re always down to help and they know their stuff.

  1. Utilize Campus Resources

Take advantage of the resources around campus, such as the Henry Pfeiffer Library, the Center for Learning Excellence, Career Services and Student Life.

  1. Use Your Student Discount

You’re a college student which means you’re most likely broke. Show your student ID at various businesses to save some money.


I don’t feel like I need to expand on this one, but just in case … DON’T FORGET TO WEAR SHOWER SHOES!

  1. Respect the Laundry Room’s Unspoken Rules

Time your laundry and don’t leave it in the machines, otherwise, you’ll make enemies. No one wants to have to do your laundry before they can do their own.

  1. Naps are for Everybody

Naps are everything. Got some free time? Nap. Bored? Nap. Just plain ol’ exhausted? You should probably treat yourself to a nap.

  1. #SelfCare

Your mental health is important. Make sure you put yourself and your needs first.

  1. Planners Are Essential

Use a planner and put all of your due dates/test dates from your class syllabi in it immediately.

  1. Always Go to Class

Attending your classes is the easiest way to get points.

  1. Participate in Class Discussions

It really does help you learn the material.

  1. Find a Job on Campus

There are lots of ways to get involved on campus, including finding part-time work.

  1. Be a Highlander Fan

Go to sporting events and cheer loud. The players love it!

  1. Take Advantage of Your Tutors

If you’re having trouble in a class, do the smart thing and get a tutor to assist you.

  1. Register for Classes ASAP

When it comes time to register for the next semester’s courses, act fast because they fill up quick.


Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s the best way to learn.

  1. Live in the Moment

College will fly by and pretty soon we all have to adult and become active members in the “real world.”

  1. Don’t Worry, You’ll Make It

It’s okay to fail and it’s okay to feel lost sometimes, and it’s okay to feel like a complete mess while also looking like a complete mess. Don’t worry, you’ll get there eventually.

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