Must-haves for move-in

August 14, 2019 | 3:31 PM
Natasha Wright '22, Social Work Major

Every August, students begin buying supplies, packing up belongings, and basically gathering up the majority of their lives to move into a new year. This time last year I remember feeling anxious and thinking, “How much of what should I bring?” Moving away to college and adjusting to dorm life is different for everyone. As a sophomore now, I still find myself googling, “What to bring to my dorm room for fall 2019?” in an attempt to organize my thoughts and remember what I actually needed versus items that will just sit there collecting dust for nine months. MacMurray’s Student Life released a great list of suggestions for new students to reference before move-in, but here I have come up with my own ideas that help make your home away from home.

  • Your favorite blanket

Everyone has that one blanket that holds a place in their hearts. The blanket you don’t tell your friends about, but you sleep with almost every night. The blanket that makes you feel at home. Bring it. Even though we may be sleeping in a twin-xl bed for the next four(ish) years, there will always be room to be comfortable.

  • Photos

Whether you're moving five minutes or five hours away from home, moving to college is a huge transition, and having to say goodbye is hard sometimes. Luckily, we live with a camera constantly at our fingertips and Walgreens and Walmart prints photos for cheap. When you can’t have your loved ones there with you, photos are the next best option. Plus, they make your dorm feel homier!

  • A speaker

Almost everyone I know enjoys music enough to listen to it with any activity of the day and has different go-to genres for the mood at the time. Whether it’s studying, cleaning your dorm or just hanging out with friends, music is probably playing in the background all day long. Of course, while respecting the quiet hours when appropriate in the dorm building.

P.S. If a speaker isn’t your style, bring headphones. 

  • Snacks 

We are lucky enough to live on a campus with two options for dining throughout the day. Since we are wise and use the meal plans and swipes that we already pay for, normally we don’t have to go off-campus and spend money on food. However, there may be some of us who are still working on time management skills and procrastination and find ourselves up late some nights. Keeping a few snacks in your room can relieve a late-night craving when other options are unavailable. 

  • Self-care

When it comes down to it, college is a lot of work, and just like any profession, self-care is necessary to avoid burn out. These kinds of activities look different for everyone. It can be Netflix, a video game, face masks, coloring books or literally anything that gives you a healthy break from the constant demand that comes with being a college student. For me, I played Mario Kart on my Wii when I needed a break. Last year during the spring semester, Mario saved my life.

I know there is only so much space in the car to bring everything. There is only so much money to spend on dorm supplies. There is only so much room to put our lives in these rooms, so far from home. This list is just suggestions that I think may ease the transition into college living.

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